Unreal Estate

Unreal Estate: just your basic science fiction action comedy original-anime style reality bending love story, with a twist.

GENRE: Science Fiction, Romantic Comedy
FORMAT: Web Novel
WRITTEN FROM: 2001-2003

Cars and planes are so passe. If you want to go somewhere, just teleport your entire house with you — all the conveniences of home and all the advantages of jet-setting interdimensional travel, to any number of artificially generated planes of reality.

Of course, that comes with a price… namely, a price set by a monolithic corporation that controls reality engine technology, RealWare. And when your entire world gets a Blue Sky of Death, well…

Unreal Estate is a sprawling epic fusing anime-style hooks with western-style culture, creating a hodge podge of worlds to explore and characters to get involved with.

Note: There was an ‘open source’ writing community for awhile for this project, but since you’d need to have read the entire original series to make any sense of it, it fell into disuse. The original stories are still available, however.


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