Sailor Nothing

sailor nothing.

GENRE: Psychological Horror, Magical Girls Anime Style
FORMAT: Web Novel
WRITTEN FROM: 2000-2001
WARNING: For mature (18+) audiences only due to violent content.

A young girl is given a talking animal mascot and magical powers by a mysterious masked gentleman, and sets out to fight off evil monsters with the power of love and friendship.

It’s a great hook to trick an innocent child into taking part in a gruesome war, promising them beauty and mystery and excitement, without mentioning the years of PTSD and the very real chance of losing your life, your soul, or worse.

Sailor Nothing is a deconstruction of the “magical girls” genre of japanese animation, depicting a more realistic and horrible sort of battle between good and evil forces beyond man’s comprehension. If Lovecraft wrote comics for girls, this would probably be close to what he wrote.

The author does not condone deplorable violence against underage girls. This is entirely a work of fiction and does not represent anything other than that. This is also not a “Sailor Moon” fanfiction; it is an original work.


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18 07 2012
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