hiatus continues

18 07 2013

I hate to do this two weeks in a row, but I’ve been ridiculously busy this week — which is crazypants considering I’m actually on vacation. Packing in all the things I want to do with my week off AND drafting up and writing the next chapter of City of Angles is a bit implausible.

I’ll have something for you next week, on the 27th. Thanks for understanding. Life has been… odd lately.


create-a-thing challenge finale

9 07 2013

First, I’ve got a post up about the coa//011 finale, so check that out first. Then…

…I’m proud to show you the entries we got for the Create-a-Thing Challenge!

Final tally… a fanfic, a poem, a fanart, a collage, and a cosplay pic. High quality stuff, all of it. I’m debating making the fanfic canon, the poem’s oddly touching, the collage is a real-world physical object that was photographed (whoa, is this 2013?) and the cosplay’s nicely mixed with real parts and photoshop.

Excellent work, folks. I’ll have your stories and Steam games soon. Probably more than one of your Steam pics, given the small amount of entries.

That’s really the only downside here — I don’t think I have a large enough fanbase to support this kind of contest. Clearly I have passionate fans and the end result is simply smashing, so quality over quantity, but I think making this a yearly thing is out. Still, if at any point in the future you wanna submit a thing, feel free! I always welcome it.

I’ll be on hiatus from writing until the 20th. Meanwhile I may be regaling you with video game streaming or walkthroughs of my Minecraft world. Stay tuned.

coa//011 makes the straylight run

6 07 2013

Hey, folks. Stuff! Things! Let’s get started.

coa//011 New Scenes

Time for the final climactic confrontation and the aftermath that follows. I seem to be averaging one story every five weeks, and this is no different… although this was hard as heck to write, given Kelsey’s life is far more surreal and metaphysical than even Penelope’s. Crazypantstown. I’m curious what the reactions will be, given this is the closest to Sailor Nothing that I’ve written in years.

I’ll be skipping next week so I can rest a bit — and plan out the next two stories, which will be kinda bonkers. Yes, even bonkers compared to this. Vol//002 is kind of bonkers overall. Speaking of which…

vol//001 Is Movin’ Along

We’re still on track for a September release of the printed version of vol//001, as foretold in Kickstarter history. I wasn’t expecting to be halfway through vol//002 by the time vol//001 came out on paper, though… that’s a little awkward. I’ll be scheduling things a bit differently for future books, believe you me.

Create-a-Thing Challenge Is Pretty Much Over But Not Really

I’m still accepting entries through tonight, so if you wanna rush and throw something together, go ahead! There’s still time! And in fact, you can submit stuff any day of any week of any year… it’s not like I’ll turn down your creative work. It just won’t qualify for Prizes(tm). Not a huge problem.

I’ve got some AMAZING entries so far, and I’m thrilled to show them to you. The overall turnout is a bit low, though. I guess that’s to be expected given my small audience, so I doubt I’ll be launching another contest like this. But, as noted… I love fan work and would always welcome it.

The challenge entries will be posted tomorrow. Get ready!

Glory to Kraftghanistan

On a side note… I’ve got my own Minecraft server! It’s Vanilla/Survival (with a bank where you can trade junk for better stuff, so quasi-creative in that regard) and has a theme, namely an oppressive Orwellian state. Not really RP, just fun flavor. If you’d like to participate drop me an email with your Minecraft username to be whitelisted.

That’s all for this week. Next week I’ll be on break, and after that we’ll either be… hmm. Well, we’ll be on a strange journey with Grandma Scarlett, or we’ll be helping Milly and Lucas out of a jam. Which do you want to read more? Let me know!

coa//011 has a mad tea party

29 06 2013

I was thinking this’d be a pretty thin week for content since the last one was HUEG, but we’ve actually got some meat to chew on. Let’s get started.

coa//011 New Scenes

Insert the Friends theme here, with an eldritch twist. Kelsey goes looking for answers and gets a little more than she bargained for. Or takes a little more than she bargained for, if you want to look at it that way.

I’ve got big plans for the revelations lying juuuust out of reach here, but it’ll have to wait for another chapter.

Create-a-Thing Challenge Extended

It’s double sudden death overtime! To encourage the folks who had ideas but ran out of time I’m extending the deadline one week. The new deadline is July 6th. If you love the stories, create a thing! Any thing. Art, writing, poetry, music, cosplay, hand puppets, doesn’t matter. I’d love to display the things you create!

Streaming Ahead

I’m taking a week off work from July 15-19, and I’m thinking of making my week project there be to stream some video games. I try to be entertaining in my streams despite being horrible at games, so tune in! I’ll announce the broadcasts on my various social media streams, or you can follow me on Twitch.TV directly and get emails when I’m live. Sometimes I even livestream my writing, so even if you’re not into games, you may wanna get on board for that.

Next week, probably wrapping up coa//011 with a big finale! And posting the C-a-TC things! ALL THE THINGS. (Of which I will hopefully have more than three.)


27 06 2013

First up: Create-a-Thing. Go and create a thing. It’s not as hard as you’d think! Deadline’s a-comin’! (But I’ll take things past the deadline. Just not for Fabulous Prizes.)

Now, let’s talk vidyuh gaems.

In my Social Media(tm) today I opined that if someone made a mixture of Minecraft, the Sims, and Animal Crossing, I would physically die due to malnourishment and dehydration due to sudden onset of game addiction. Folks have asked me for specifics, so here I shall provide.

Good Stuff From Animal Crossing: I’d want dynamically generated but interactive and personable NPCs, a wide range of item collection with theme sets and uniques, minigames and sub-goals such as working towards a construction project, a dynamic world that changes with seasons and special events, a friendly and approachable concept, little emphasis on combat.

Bad Stuff From Animal Crossing: Little environment manipulation, ridiculous cash grinding, busywork and upkeep.

Good Stuff From The Sims: The ability to optionally design your town’s inhabitants and domiciles, intricate house design and management, interactive furnishings, AI which wanders around doing things, emphasis on interpersonal relationships, goal structures, UGC and modding to keep the game expanding.

Bad Stuff From The Sims: Endless micromanaging of Sim needs, indirect access (you’re more an overlord than a participant), later games reduce your ability to custom-tailor your suburb. Oh, and EA’s terrible mindset, which lead to The Sims Freeplay (where the grind is death and there is no AI whatsoever and NPCs just go and have a seat unless you order them to do something)

Good Stuff From Minecraft: A fully featured but simple crafting system (giving you something to do with resources you collect), incredibly modifiable environment, great self-expression and personalization, simple to play.

Bad Stuff From Minecraft: Clumsy and boring combat, “bang you’re dead” moments erasing all progress, no goals beyond the ridiculously long term and combat-intensive Ender Dragon.

So, Overall, I Want… the approachability, personality, and collection based fun of Animal Crossing with the interpersonal dynamics and house design of The Sims and the environmental manipulation and crafting system from Minecraft. I don’t want grind, micromanagement, or survival combat.

If anybody makes a game which has all of that, I am a dead man.

coa//011 has an open door policy

22 06 2013

Let’s do a news rundown this week, shall we? Plenty to yammer on about.

coa//011 New Scenes

And a heck of a lot of them, too. This is a pretty large-scale update, because while I COULD have cut it off early and saved some scenes for next week, it wouldn’t make much sense from a flow perspective. Next week may be a bit short as a result. Meanwhile enjoy the WTF? moments from this particular lump of storytelling, and let me know what you think!

Create-a-Thing Challenge

One week left on this! Everybody who enters gets free anachronauts stories and can pick from a pile ‘o Steam games I have handy, if they like. I’ll accept anything creative you want to make, so get crafty! It’s not too late to do something neat.


Yep, I haz a tumblr now. I’m going to use it as another release channel for the story updates, with a twist — to make them nicely rebloggable I’m including a paragraph or two from the update, like the teaser on the back of a book. Can’t do that on other social media, no sir. Only on yer tumblrs.

Hot doings in the City of Angles lately. The doings are hot, indeed. If you’ve got any suggestions for how to make them hotter, let me know; I’m all ears. Doings can always get hotter.

coa//011 establishes connection

14 06 2013

New readers — welcome! This blog is where I set up feedback threads for the latest draft story in progress. Every week, I post new scenes! Right now I’m up to story #11. You should probably start at story #1, though.

Current readers — Kelsey Jones is ready to sit down and tell you her story. And it’s a pretty crazy story, which quite appropriate in her case.

Getting this story out was like pulling teeth. I haven’t written something so free-floating and hazy and nervous and frightened since Sailor Nothing; there’s definitely parallels here  in how Kelsey deals with her world and how Himei does. The easiest way to go would be to tell it from 3rd person and let the narrator stay distant, but this feels like a very personal story from someone with a skewed perspective… it’ll have more impact being told in her own words.

Since I missed last week (my life has been kinda crazy with ups and downs) I decided I’d post this a day early for your weekend reading enjoyment. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Don’t forget, the Create-a-Thing Challenge wraps at the end of the month. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve got!