city of angles

city of angles

GENRE: Speculative Fiction, Horror
FORMAT: Web Novel Anthology (standalone stories), Retail Books
WRITTEN FROM: 2012 onward (currently in production)

Buildings next to buildings, askew or aligned. Buildings sometimes intersecting buildings, for that matter. Walk down a hallway, end up in a ballroom, double glass doors to a subway station, third exit on the left goes to a dentist’s office. Probably wouldn’t want your cavities filled there, mind you.

There’s no rhyme or reason to any of it — we’ve got streets which lead to dead ends, roads which criss-cross other streets, highways which go nowhere. Literally nowhere, as in “anybody going down that road is not coming back.” This is not a good place to wander off unless you like wandering off forever…

Nobody knows where the city came from. Nobody knows how we got here. Nobody knows why any of this is happening. But it’s happening. The city exists. We are here now. It’s growing every day, and bringing new people with it. If we’re going to survive this, if we’re going to stay alive and thrive, we need to learn to live in the City of Angles.


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14 06 2012

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