Hi. I’m Stefan Gagne. I write stuff.

Used to go by the moniker “Twoflower” back in the nineties, when I was writing anime fanfiction exclusively — a name chosen in tribute to my favorite author, Terry Pratchett. These days I use my real name, but hey, a legacy is a legacy…

I write online fiction, available both for free and sometimes with premium retail versions. My stories are written entirely online, including the “drafts” of them, which you can read as I write them. I welcome feedback, ranging from typo corrections to reader reactions and thoughts about the story so far. It’s part fiction, part public performance art, and I’d love to have you involved in that process.

Still, I do recommend that if you want to read the latest story drafts I’m blogging about, you read prior chapters first. The black bar across the top there has links to pages about my various projects, with the most recent projects listed first. Take a gander, browse their sites, read their chapters, and when you’re ready, the blog will provide news on up-to-the-minute new material.

Hope you enjoy my writing!


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