adorable artwork and news

24 08 2013

No story update today, but I’ve got something just as awesome for you.

It’s Bedlam and Echo! Awww, they’re so adorable and extremely dangerous and completely insane. It was your Kickstarter fundin’ that made this artwork possible!

Speaking of which, the book I say is coming any day now, week after week? Srsly, coming any day now. It’s done. Finished. I have a few things to line up and then it launches in early September. I’d give an exact date but I gotta submit the Kindle version and it takes ’em a few days to approve it. Point is — soon, very soon.

The one disadvantage to Kickstartin’ a book with such a small audience is, well, I doubt anybody’s gonna buy it since they already “bought” it during the funding process. Folks who did so will be getting their copies mailed out shortly after the retail launch, so don’t feel you have to buy a second copy. Unless you want to. It would be kinda awesome if you did. Just sayin’.

Next week I’ll be starting //013. I have some ideas for where that story is going. Hope you like Gregory and Cass.




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