coa//012 walks down memory lane

3 08 2013

Let’s short ‘n sweet this one.

coa//012 Continues

On to Act II of this story! Including a slight revamp to the last scene I posted the week before.

That scene felt a bit rushed and didn’t include a lot of details I wanted to put in. I may be doing the same thing for the last scene of this one… typically I start running out of steam and decide “Okay, this is a natural stop point” but it means the last scene of an update suffers. Fortunately — draft! I can change things! Hooray!

As for the rest, we’re onto the core of this story, an exploration of Scarlett (and the City in general). This won’t be an epic length chapter, I suspect. I might even be done next week. We’ll see.

Book! Soon!

Much of this month will be dedicated to finalizing the book. I’ll be sending the Kickstarter surveys soon — I wanted to wait until we were nearing release, to avoid mailing to someone who’d moved out in the meanwhile. Eee! So cool. …not much specific to say right now, just that it’s in the works and on track. And the tracks for the next book should be shorter.




7 responses

3 08 2013

Good chunks of relevant backstory here. Thanks.
Typo: alaways, econic, cooper(?)

3 08 2013

Ooo, nice.

I particularly like that last sentence, because (this will amuse you), my mom was a very young nurse in 1954 when she got pregnant with me… and as soon as she started to show, the Powers That Be of those days took her OFF the OB/GYN floor and moved her to the nursery.

Because they didn’t want ladies who were having troubled pregnancies or losing babies to see a pregnant nurse.

4 08 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Glad to hear it resonated. Gonna be a tough scene to write, given it’s emotional and completely outside my experience; sounds like my guesswork’s working so far, though.

4 08 2013

I’m a few decades off from when Scarlett would’ve been talking to the fertility doc, but I did spend a few years going to that clinic — if you want to discuss for background, let’s!

4 08 2013

Yes, the stories I had from my mom, though second-hand, are more about the odd thinking involving “propriety” than fertility. For one thing, in 1954 the whole hormonal cycle was something of a mystery. Ovulation was known and basal calendars were in use, but as for measuring hormone levels in the blood, or synthesizing them, pfft.

5 08 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

In this case it’d be around 1973, but odds are the tech wasn’t spectacular then either. And honestly I don’t have to go into heavy detail; the important thing is the result, the reaction, the fallout, and the emotional bonds.

19 08 2013

I think you hit it about right on the tech level. This is probably TMI, but I was an early user of The Pill, before it was revealed what a botch the human testing had been. About the only things the could do back then for infertile couples was to try and deal with any physical issues (not easy with no microsurgery), and see if the woman was ovulating regularly or the man had a low sperm count.

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