create-a-thing challenge finale

9 07 2013

First, I’ve got a post up about the coa//011 finale, so check that out first. Then…

…I’m proud to show you the entries we got for the Create-a-Thing Challenge!

Final tally… a fanfic, a poem, a fanart, a collage, and a cosplay pic. High quality stuff, all of it. I’m debating making the fanfic canon, the poem’s oddly touching, the collage is a real-world physical object that was photographed (whoa, is this 2013?) and the cosplay’s nicely mixed with real parts and photoshop.

Excellent work, folks. I’ll have your stories and Steam games soon. Probably more than one of your Steam pics, given the small amount of entries.

That’s really the only downside here — I don’t think I have a large enough fanbase to support this kind of contest. Clearly I have passionate fans and the end result is simply smashing, so quality over quantity, but I think making this a yearly thing is out. Still, if at any point in the future you wanna submit a thing, feel free! I always welcome it.

I’ll be on hiatus from writing until the 20th. Meanwhile I may be regaling you with video game streaming or walkthroughs of my Minecraft world. Stay tuned.




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