coa//011 makes the straylight run

6 07 2013

Hey, folks. Stuff! Things! Let’s get started.

coa//011 New Scenes

Time for the final climactic confrontation and the aftermath that follows. I seem to be averaging one story every five weeks, and this is no different… although this was hard as heck to write, given Kelsey’s life is far more surreal and metaphysical than even Penelope’s. Crazypantstown. I’m curious what the reactions will be, given this is the closest to Sailor Nothing that I’ve written in years.

I’ll be skipping next week so I can rest a bit — and plan out the next two stories, which will be kinda bonkers. Yes, even bonkers compared to this. Vol//002 is kind of bonkers overall. Speaking of which…

vol//001 Is Movin’ Along

We’re still on track for a September release of the printed version of vol//001, as foretold in Kickstarter history. I wasn’t expecting to be halfway through vol//002 by the time vol//001 came out on paper, though… that’s a little awkward. I’ll be scheduling things a bit differently for future books, believe you me.

Create-a-Thing Challenge Is Pretty Much Over But Not Really

I’m still accepting entries through tonight, so if you wanna rush and throw something together, go ahead! There’s still time! And in fact, you can submit stuff any day of any week of any year… it’s not like I’ll turn down your creative work. It just won’t qualify for Prizes(tm). Not a huge problem.

I’ve got some AMAZING entries so far, and I’m thrilled to show them to you. The overall turnout is a bit low, though. I guess that’s to be expected given my small audience, so I doubt I’ll be launching another contest like this. But, as noted… I love fan work and would always welcome it.

The challenge entries will be posted tomorrow. Get ready!

Glory to Kraftghanistan

On a side note… I’ve got my own Minecraft server! It’s Vanilla/Survival (with a bank where you can trade junk for better stuff, so quasi-creative in that regard) and has a theme, namely an oppressive Orwellian state. Not really RP, just fun flavor. If you’d like to participate drop me an email with your Minecraft username to be whitelisted.

That’s all for this week. Next week I’ll be on break, and after that we’ll either be… hmm. Well, we’ll be on a strange journey with Grandma Scarlett, or we’ll be helping Milly and Lucas out of a jam. Which do you want to read more? Let me know!




9 responses

7 07 2013

Two typos, I think;

“…couldn’t be OTHERED to write Annabelle’s name…”

“…a tit-for-tat deal — sShe…”

Also, I think the last paragraph needs a little less endingness or sanity or something.

I did guess who the Little Boss would be in this quest (we haven’t gotten to the Big Boss Lady yet). Do you think he’s kind of typecast? Would he be less or more sinister if he was fake-wholesome, like an Up With People singer? I don’t like to suggest such a wholesale change, but as I said, his identity was unsurprising, at least for me.

7 07 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The final confrontation is a bit obvious, but it does thematically present a contrast to Kelsey — someone willing to exploit and gain for profit, even if he’s doing the same things she does (exploring the Sideways Signals). I figured it was a good flashpoint without being overly important.

(Unless you mean Jack Hayes. He’s just scum, albeit for a reason — he believes in the absolute nihilism point of view that none of this really matters.)

7 07 2013

No, I was thinking about Banner.

7 07 2013

Oh, also, Grandma!

I guess I feel a certain bias towards that demographic. :)

8 07 2013

For a chapter dedicated to Channel Z, I’m surprised you never made a “getting nothing but static [in my attic]” reference. :-P

“Why can’t we just get a cab to take us a business a few blocks away,”

I think you’re missing a “to” there.

So just to make sure, Dave and Gus are related, right? Dave would’ve been born in the real world around the same time as Gus died (same decade, anyway). The Jørgenson name couldn’t be a coincidence, could it?

8 07 2013

(*SPOILERS for anybody who isn’t caught up! Don’t read further!*)

Let’s see. As far as we know, Gustav was not Dave’s father. So he was kind of Dave’s step-dad.

Then there’s Ellie — Gustav calls her his daughter so if we assume her mom is the obvious candidate… then in THAT sense, arguably Dave is related to Gus through her.

8 07 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Pretty much. Family tree works out like this.

Earth: DaveDad + Annabell = Dave
City: Gustav + Annabell = Ellie

The difference is that Annabell was echoed into the City at a young age, before she ever met DaveDad. So Dave and Ellie are half-siblings on their mother’s side, but Dave is not related to Gustav by blood.

8 07 2013

And Gus Zero, while genetically identical to Gustav, is not the Gus who was Ellie’s father.

10 07 2013

Right. I guess you could debate whether they’re all identical twins qhen echoed, and therefore Dave and Ellie are cousins instead of half-siblings… But anyway. I’d call them half-siblings!

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