coa//011 has a mad tea party

29 06 2013

I was thinking this’d be a pretty thin week for content since the last one was HUEG, but we’ve actually got some meat to chew on. Let’s get started.

coa//011 New Scenes

Insert the Friends theme here, with an eldritch twist. Kelsey goes looking for answers and gets a little more than she bargained for. Or takes a little more than she bargained for, if you want to look at it that way.

I’ve got big plans for the revelations lying juuuust out of reach here, but it’ll have to wait for another chapter.

Create-a-Thing Challenge Extended

It’s double sudden death overtime! To encourage the folks who had ideas but ran out of time I’m extending the deadline one week. The new deadline is July 6th. If you love the stories, create a thing! Any thing. Art, writing, poetry, music, cosplay, hand puppets, doesn’t matter. I’d love to display the things you create!

Streaming Ahead

I’m taking a week off work from July 15-19, and I’m thinking of making my week project there be to stream some video games. I try to be entertaining in my streams despite being horrible at games, so tune in! I’ll announce the broadcasts on my various social media streams, or you can follow me on Twitch.TV directly and get emails when I’m live. Sometimes I even livestream my writing, so even if you’re not into games, you may wanna get on board for that.

Next week, probably wrapping up coa//011 with a big finale! And posting the C-a-TC things! ALL THE THINGS. (Of which I will hopefully have more than three.)




7 responses

29 06 2013

Ooo! Ooo! I found a TYPO!

“And I want you with me when I GOT the cable station.” Should be “go to”. Or “gut”. Your story :-)

I love the little dysfunctional family that’s the Three Sisters.

Thank you for the extra week.

29 06 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Thanks! I’ll fix that later. (I really need to do a revision sweep on all the vol//002 stuff in general…)

Can’t wait to finally write a scene with all three of the sisters together. Not sure when that’ll happen, though.

30 06 2013

MASSIVE SPOILERS below for anyone who hasn’t read last week’s update. If you haven’t, go read it right now. We’ll wait.


I find Kelsey thinking of Dave as “Danger” oddly endearing somehow. Obviously she doesn’t think he’s dangerous, which is probably why I think of as being cute and endearing rather than a warning sign.

Also, Kelsey isn’t an avatar of Bedlam the way Penny is of Lucid, but she’s quite possibly the closest thing there is right now. Add in Ellie as Echo’s herald, and suddenly there’s the realization that Dave has ties to all three of the Sisters as Penny’s friend, Kelsey’s boyfriend, and Ellie’s half-brother of a sort.

Also, my crazy pet theory that I’ve had since the first chapter (Dave isn’t an echo; he’s been transported to the City wholesale) actually hasn’t been disproven yet! ;)

30 06 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

“Danger” and “Trouble” are definitely pet names. They act as reminders that the two of them tend to be in the thick of it quite often, but they’re also disarmingly cute when used in the contexts she uses and that’s intentional.

As for your pet theory… well, I wouldn’t want to prove it or shoot it down yet. Wouldn’t be right and proper.

9 07 2013

Pet names and well, also their real (middle) names. :D

1 07 2013

I look forward to having my theory disproved/proved/both at once in some weird Schrodinger’s Cat sort of way!

9 07 2013

It’s a neat theory. Might go a long way to explaining why he was the ideal person to draw the map. (assuming that’s why he appeared. For all we know, Lucid may have tasked assorted graphic designers with similar tasks and he’s the one that worked it out. But I’m betting he’s Special.)

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