coa//011 has an open door policy

22 06 2013

Let’s do a news rundown this week, shall we? Plenty to yammer on about.

coa//011 New Scenes

And a heck of a lot of them, too. This is a pretty large-scale update, because while I COULD have cut it off early and saved some scenes for next week, it wouldn’t make much sense from a flow perspective. Next week may be a bit short as a result. Meanwhile enjoy the WTF? moments from this particular lump of storytelling, and let me know what you think!

Create-a-Thing Challenge

One week left on this! Everybody who enters gets free anachronauts stories and can pick from a pile ‘o Steam games I have handy, if they like. I’ll accept anything creative you want to make, so get crafty! It’s not too late to do something neat.


Yep, I haz a tumblr now. I’m going to use it as another release channel for the story updates, with a twist — to make them nicely rebloggable I’m including a paragraph or two from the update, like the teaser on the back of a book. Can’t do that on other social media, no sir. Only on yer tumblrs.

Hot doings in the City of Angles lately. The doings are hot, indeed. If you’ve got any suggestions for how to make them hotter, let me know; I’m all ears. Doings can always get hotter.




11 responses

22 06 2013

I am loving this story! I honestly can’t think of a single improving thing to say about it.

Probably was NOT a good idea for Kelsey to announce she was shutting the channel down, though.

22 06 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m sure that couldn’t POSSIBLY come back to haunt her.

And hey, just posting to say you love it is great too! Shows me I’m on the right track here and folks are reading. :D Thank you!

22 06 2013

Of all the “Holy crap, I didn’t see *that* coming” moments in volume 2 so far, this has been the “Holy crap, I didn’t see *that* coming”-est moment of all.

22 06 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

This was actually two stories I merged into one. “Someone’s on a Mood Channel” plus “Hey, maybe it’s Her” which was the Kelsey story I had planned, and the “Dave meets HER but there’s an displaced echo situation” story which was going to be later in this volume. They weren’t going to be the same person originally, but it made sense to have both stories be the same story… and it sets up some delicious character connections that’ll pay off later down the road.

9 07 2013

I’m reading back so I’m not sure which moment you mean — which? The “Mom?!”

25 06 2013

Not really about the story, but I wanted to ask about submissions for the Create-A-Thing challenge. (As I expected, the fanfic I’m writing is going to be done right at the deadline, most likely.)

Can I submit with Google Drive’s sharing system? I’m working on slightly limited bandwidth here, and that could make email attachments problematic. (That and I was planning to have a friend or two help me proofread it, so it’s already going to be on Google Drive.)

Okay, now about the story: Love it so far, can’t wait to see the end!

26 06 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I think so, sure. I’m on GMail so presumably you can open sharing access with me and I can take it from there.

27 06 2013

Probably should have occurred to me that Google Drive might not work well on this internet connection either.

So cancel that last. Conventional email and attachment will have to do. (I’ll just have to hope the attachment doesn’t get eaten somewhere along the way, or find a way around that if it does.)

26 06 2013

You were wondering where to stop this chapter if you wanted to keep it being too long; in retrospect, if you didn’t mind stopping in the middle of a section, cutting it at The Reveal would’ve been a good point. Granted, it doesn’t save MUCH, but it’d give you a bit more to post next week.

But yeah, that was particularly brilliant update.

26 06 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Could probably have saved the aftermath, yeah — but no biggie. I think the impact this update had is worth having a slightly shorter one next time around. (It’s been an insanely busy week and right now I have 0.75 scenes done. Oi. But I’ll get there.)

28 06 2013

I kind of disagree… I mean yes, the Reveal makes a typical “break” point, but I think ending with a promise of future action makes more narrative sense. Particularly as the first “social worker” visit was really built on Dave’s need to be helpful, and the second is Kelsey stepping into what passes for RL and taking action.

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