e3 2013: sony

10 06 2013

Well, this is surprising.

I was figuring I’d be sitting this console generation out. But Sony stepped up to the plate and gave me a HUUUUUUGE pile of stuff I actually want to play! The heavy, heavy emphasis on indies and original settings and low emphasis on tired genres really helps here.

Dropping the bomb that they will NOT be using any sort of authentication or control scheme? That’s the icing on the cake. And I’ve always admired PS+, their subscription service, for actually providing something for the money… unlike XBox Live, which just takes away the no-multiplayer restriction and expects you to be satisfied.

So let’s do the math.

  • PS4: +Used Games +No Authentication +Playstation Plus Based Freebies +Gaikai for Backwards Compatibility +$100 cheaper! -Gotta pay for multiplayer now (+4)
  • The Order 1886: +Steampunk +Original -Shooting (+2)
  • Killzone: -Gritty -War -Shooting (-3)
  • Drive Club: =Meh -Driving (-1)
  • Infamous Second Son: -Gritty +Original (0)
  • Knack: +Original +Stylish =Meh (+2)
  • Dark Sorceror: +Amazing Tech Demo -Not Actually a Game (0)
  • Transistor: +Original +Stylish +Fun! -Also coming to PC, so whatev (+2)
  • Don’t Starve: +Original +Stylish -Also PC (+1)
  • Mercenary Kings: +Original +Retro +Stylish +Fun! -Also PC (+3)
  • octodad: +Original +Stylish -Also PC (+1)
  • Secret Ponchos: +Original +Stylish (+2)
  • Rays the Dead: +Original =Meh (+1)
  • Red Barrels: =Meh (0)
  • Oddworld: -Remake +Fun! (0)
  • Galaxy: =Meh (0)
  • Diablo 3: =Meh (0)
  • FF15: +Stylish +Fun! (+2) And a better title.
  • Kingdom Hearts 3: +Stylish -Nonsensical Plot (0)
  • FF14: =Meh (0)
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: =Meh (0)
  • Watch_Dogs: -Shooting +Original +WANT TO PLAY -Also PC (0)
  • Sports Montage: -Sports (-1)
  • Elder Scrolls Online: =Meh (0)
  • Mad Max: -Shooting -Gritty +WHAT (-1)
  • Destiny: -Shooting -War -Gritty +Original (-2)

FINAL SCORE: 12, with 16% of ’em being shooting games. (I don’t count the indie games which involve guns because they aren’t the kind of yawner AAA shooters I’m talking about here.)

I’m flabbergasted, honestly. I was expecting draconican game policies to be in full effect here, because Sony wouldn’t want to be out of that particular party. Looks like either they never planned that or they changed their minds after MS got roasted.

Either way, this console is delivering more experiences beyond the dudebro set, and has a proven track record promoting indies and new experiences. So… yeah. I think I may actually go for this. I really think I might.




2 responses

11 06 2013

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand with the announced price point of $400, they just special combo’d Microsoft’s ass. I was a loyal 360 player–barely use my PS3 for games–but looks like I’ll be getting a PS4. From the States, if the region-free thing holds true.

11 06 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s looking like it’s region-free in the same way the PS3 was, IE by default but publishers can lock their games if they want. So, should be safe.

One drawback that slipped under the radar — you need PS+ if you wanna do multiplayer. But given I was gonna go the PS+ route anyway for its cornucopia of free games, I’m not too annoyed.

I went ahead and preordered. I can always cancel it if somehow things shift, but as they stand right now, it’s the better of two options AND will deliver the experience I want.

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