8 06 2013

Generally, I crank out one City of Angles story a month — sometimes less than a month, as was the case with //010. In between stories I tend to take a week off, because preproduction work on these things can be kinda brutal.

In this case, I’m working on a Kelsey focused story. Why? ’cause you guys demanded it in that readership poll! Also, hey, I like writing Kelsey and there’s a lot I can accomplish here towards furthering the world and the plot of the series. But writing Kelsey is tricky, particularly when you’re doing it from 1st person perspective as I’ve chosen to do it. The plot itself is also a tightly interwoven thing with new character revelations and such… and all of that takes time to figure out.

So, this week I’m taking off. I have half of one scene done and I’d rather wait until I’ve got more to show you.

What else is on the plate, meanwhile?

Well, the Create-a-Thing Challenge is still on. It’s closing on the 29th, so if you’re making some fanart or fanfic or a song or getting a pile ‘o cosplay duds together, you’ll want to wrap it within the next twenty days.

Progress continues on the Vol//001 book. Editing and cover art are underway and will take a chunk of time but I’m still on track for a September release.

Otherwise, my life’s quite packed; games, media, social occasions, day job work, and more. I occasionally yammer about such things on my Twitter, saving the blog for story-related stuff only, but if you wanna see more of that here, I’m game! Let me know.

I’ll see you guys next week with a fresh start of a fresh story which is going to be unlike anything you’ve read so far. Overpromising? Hells yeah! Let’s do this.




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