coa//010 makes its stand

1 06 2013

Let’s make this post short ‘n sweet.

First some artsy notes — we’ve got new artwork up for Milly and Lucas! And don’t forget, the Create-a-Thing Challenge is still rollin’. Free retail stories and games ahoy.

Second, here’s the big finale of //010. Will the overly complicated subterfuge of Marcy Wei and Gus Zero work? Will the Alphas leave them alone? And if not, how will they get out from underneath this death threat? Will the obvious twist be too obvious? Read on and find out. When you’re done, there’s a shiny comment box below in which your thoughts are a welcome thing to be typed in!

Next week I’ll either take a week off, or will be starting //011. It’ll be a Kelsey and Dave story! I’ve got the basic plan done, but not sure if it’s ready for me to start putting the thing in writing yet. We’ll see.




4 responses

1 06 2013

That… was a satisfyingly ambiguous ending. I find that I really want to know more about the new DoS head.

1 06 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Backers and VIP Club members get to know a bit more about her, since she features in the Rain of Terror story. She’ll be popping up later on in volume//002 as well, as her path intersects more with Penelope’s.

And if you need a good mental image, try Angela Basset, particularly from Strange Days.

2 06 2013
K. Willsen

I really liked this ending. Each Gus that comes through will be a youngster, so eventually the difference between Gus Zero and the new arrivals will become more pronounced.

I’m interested in the daughter, Ellie. If ‘G’ was one of the first to arrive, then his daughter could be around the same age as ‘our’ Gus. I wonder how she’ll react to a sort-of-father who is (possibly) younger than she is.

Penny presumably knows about Gus, since she shuffled him to a new location. I hope that Gus gets to meet Penny, Dave, and the others at some point. He brings an interesting new perspective to life in the city.

3 06 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Safe to say he’s met Penny — it just happened offscreen, in the month between Gus Zero’s arrival and Gus One’s arrival. She had to get to know the building to be able to shuffle it to safety.

As for Ellie, we’ve met her already, if you haven’t recalled. :) And things are about to get even more tangled for her backstory…

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