coa//009 fell in love with the girl at the rock show

20 04 2013

New readers — Welcome! This blog is where I set up feedback threads for the latest draft story in progress. Every week, I post new scenes! Right now I’m up to story #9. You should probably start at story #1, though.

(If you’re a fan of crashfaster here to check out the cameo, enjoy! But, well, bewarned you’re coming into the middle of a long running story series, so it may make you go Wut?.)

Current readers — Welcome to the really big show, with guitars and synths and screaming fans and merch tables and the first honest to goodness authorized celebrity cameo in the history of City of Angles.

I needed a band to play the counterpoint to Oblivion’s Advocate, and thought that crashfaster fit the bill. It’s a four-piece chiptune band with a crazy live sound, and my BFF Amy repping vocals. And since City of Angles copies people over from Earth, I thought… well, what if the whole band came over? I got their permission, and bammo, they’re in my world now. It’s just for a cameo, but it serves a key narrative purpose. There’s also a fun spin on chiptunes and their relative position in popular culture, which makes sense within this universe.

With the big concert over and done with and a returning bad guy dropping in to say “Heyo!” all that’s left is the big backstage interview, and… well. You’ll see.




8 responses

21 04 2013
Jeremy Jinkerson

For some reason, all of the updates are showing “Feb” instead of April.

21 04 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Err. Whoops. I shall fix that shortly.

22 04 2013

Very nice indeed. Although, it may be a leeeeetle bit too heavy on the “Penny lived in isolation WAY too long thing.”

What is her dad doing? Inquiring minds want to know! (Meaning, yes, yes, he’s running the fish joint, but why the non-interference?)

22 04 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I don’t think I can dial that down much; it’s important from a narrative standpoint for her to keep her outsider status, so she has a perspective on the situation that will relate to the reader. Still, I think it’ll mesh better with the reader in the next scenes.

As for her father, that’s something I plan to explore later. This story’s tied to Penny’s perspective, and Penny has no idea what’s up with Gregory either.

27 04 2013

Penny seems to know a lot less about Echo than I would have thought.

27 04 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

At this point in the series, she’s never met Echo — doesn’t even know if Echo is a person, and Bedlam isn’t forthcoming with details. Still, I’ll check past stories to see if anybody’s talked with her about it, may make some changes accordingly.

29 04 2013

I think I was expecting her to be a little more curious about Echo after Bedlam mentioned her. Then again, this is Bedlam we’re talking about, and it’s not like her words are easy to take at face value.

29 04 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Ahh, okay. I think I can add in something that’ll explain that, how Bedlam has in the past refused to explain what she means by ‘echo’, so she doesn’t bother poking this time.

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