kickstarter victory get !!

4 04 2013

It’s over! 56 backers, $2700 bucks. Flawless victory.

The City of Angles Kickstarter is now complete. Granted, we were sort of complete three minutes in, when we blasted straight through my initial $400 bare bones book goal… but we’ve come so far since then. Got through every stretch goal, funding not only City of Angles but also Second Age and Unreal Estate. Got more and more artwork, to fully flesh out the characters you know and love. And the whole thing is officially able to pay for itself, too.

You’ve done good work here, folks. You showed that I’ve got a loyal audience, one willing to ride with me on the craziest of rides. You’ve shown that what I’m doing is worth doing, and I should continue doing it. For that, you have my thanks. ALL the thanks.

What happens now?

I’ll be issuing a poll to the backers on Friday. (EDIT: Poll submitted!) The artists for the project will start working on the book cover and extra character art. Meanwhile, I’ll be setting up backers with their VIP accounts, putting together their Anachronauts eBook packs, and working on the Bookmark Fun Packs(tm).

(Backers, I’ll have special backer-only previews of things sent through Kickstarter’s updates, as well as polls you’ll need to fill out to get me your shipping info. Keep an eye there; that stuff won’t be appearing in my blog.)

Once the City of Angles book is squared away, I’ll start on the Second Age and Unreal Estate books. The primary focus is on CoA, but don’t worry — those two will be coming in time.

And of course… City of Angles volume 002. I’m actually hoping to have something to show for that on Sunday, resuming our regular weekly updates in the process. I can’t promise it’ll start this week, but we will be back on track soon enough.

There’s a heck of a lot on the road ahead. Keep following the blog, or the Twitter, or my Facebook, or my G+, or the chicken bones you cast in a ritual circle in your backyard… however you prefer to keep tabs on things. It’s all coming in the future, and it’s all thanks to your efforts. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. Enjoy the refreshing beverage of your choice and relax.




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6 04 2013

Congrats on the Kickstarter!

About Anachronauts, does this mean that all the Kindle versions have now been reformatted as was mentioned a while back was the goal?

6 04 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Not yet, but that’s planned. Lawrence Chu is hoping to get that done over the summer, alongside the formatting for City of Angles and Unreal Estate.

When the new versions are available, I’ll be posting about it on the blog. And if Amazon gives you any crap about not being able to download the new versions, email me directly and I’ll send you DRM-free copies. I wants my readers to be happy, and I have a small enough readerbase that wrangle it myself if I gotta.

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