winding down, incoming polls

30 03 2013

The City of Angles Kickstarter is coming to a close soon, with this coming Thursday as the final bell. I can honestly say it’s exceeded all my expectations and thankfully I’ve survived the exceeding of my expectations. Provided nobody pulls out or there aren’t any Amazon payment bungles, we will be fully funded, have all stretch goals, be able to afford the reward tier fulfillment, and have enough left over for a bag of nachos.

I may issue a backer update with a photo of the bag of nachos. They are OUR nachos. We achieved them together.

Kickstarters sometimes pick up steam at the tail end, so by all means, keep spreading word; at this point any additional backers are delicious gravy, and good for promoting the stories.

So, what’s to come? In April I’m going to be working with the artists (Allison and Zack) to get the art arranged for the book and the website extras. I’ll be wrapping preproduction work on volume 002, with the survey I sent out weeks ago guiding me towards what stories you want to see. (Don’t worry, I’m using it as a guideline, not a rule.) And you get to make your final say regarding art and other sundries.

I’ll be issuing polls to all backers, from the $1 level and up, after the Kickstarter closes. These polls will determine what characters are drawn by Allison for Character Art Wave #2 and the Couples / Altposes Art Wave. If you want to have a say in this, keep an eye out next weekend for the polls; I’m going to need to close them pretty rapidly so I can get the art orders in. Make sure you jump on them once available!

(If you aren’t already a backer, but would like a say in picking the art… go back the project! Any amount from a buck and up will get you a ballot!)

After that I’ll be issuing backer updates as backer-specific material starts coming in (bookmark fun pack previews, wallpaper, art sketches, etc.) and will be working on volume 002 with posts on the public blog for all readers. Basically, gonna be a lotta stuff.

My goal is to have volume 001 in paperback form and out to backers in September. This is a guesstimate, though, since I’ve never attempted something on this scale before. I appreciate patience in advance as I sort through the redonkulous pile of tasks ahead of me.

See you on Thursday!




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