pax weekend and minecraft

20 03 2013

There won’t be a City of Angles update this weekend, because I’ll be up in Boston for PAX East. If you spot me there and want me to sign a book or anything that isn’t a body part, feel free to flag me down! I’ll be the only short guy on a motorized scooter with a shiny metal walker bungee corded to the back. Makes getting through crowds a pain, but hey.

I’m working on a Minecraft map for City of Angles. It’s coming along great; you take the role of a new import, arriving in the Sideways in the middle of a bit of a crisis. The storyline won’t be canon since I need to repurpose a villain, but it does link in with the tales, and takes place between vol//001 and vol//002. Should be fun for fans of the series or fans of Minecraft or both!

Not much else to report on at the moment — we’re fully funded (although some extra to help cover shipping costs would help) and odds are we won’t see any more push until the end of the Kickstarter. These things tend to bell-curve, high at each end and low in the middle.

If you’d like to follow my shenanigans, catch up with me on Twitter. I’ll be posting random musings and Vines there during the weekend.

See you after PAX! City of Angles vol//002 starts sometime in April, as does the huge pile of work ahead of me to get the book together!




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