misprint… or RARE GET?

13 03 2013

So once upon a time I released a book called Anachronauts: Stars Fall. It took quite some time to get it prepared for retail sale, and in the process, I made a teeensy weeensy error of oversight known as “Oh crap I forgot to include every inline image in the entire book.” Didn’t even notice it until after I’d ordered the author’s proof copy.

Since then I’ve fixed the problem, and the version you can get from the Anachronauts book store is A-OK. However, that leaves me with this pristine copy of the book which has placeholder text for all the spell words and the special graphic from Carrie Lane’s chapter.

What should I do with it? Toss it in the trash? Heck no! I’mma auction that thing! It seems the lulzy thing to do.

Here’s your chance to bid on a rare misprint version of Stars Fall, with author’s autograph, on eBay.

I’ll sign and dedicate it however you like. I’m starting the price at ten bucks and normally it goes for seventeen, so hey, ground floor bonus! Hopefully it goes over seventeen eventually though, because the proceeds from the auction will go into the overall creative project fund that the Kickstarter’s pumping too.

In Other News:

  • Tune in tonight (Wed 13th) at 8pm Eastern for a livestream of the Walking Dead, in which I will take every jerkbutt response the game lets me take. Fun stuff!
  • This Sunday, I’ll be posting the first Kickstarter-backed VIP club story! All backers will get access to the tale, as well as VIP club members.



2 responses

13 03 2013


Did you SEE the things eBay picked out to display on their “People who bought this item also bought” listing?????

14 03 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne


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