city of angles on kickstarter!

5 03 2013

It’s time! It’s time! We are GO!

Behold the City of Angles vol//001 Kickstarter!

Sound the trumpets and strike up the band, because it’s time to rock, etc, etc. This is a big moment for me — and for you, the readers who have been with me so far. This will help determine the future of this and other writing projects.

This isn’t just about money, it’s about growing my audience and getting the work in front of people on a popular crowdfunding site. It’s half funding and half promotion. All important. …maybe 65% promotion and 35% money. The exact ratio is not an exact science. Point is, we get dudes, we get power, WE GET THE WORLD.

I’m going to need your help. This is a good entry point for the series, something people are familiar with, something that’s hot-button right now. Pass the link around. Tell your friends. If you’re in any book discussion groups or communities, let them know.

We’ve got one month to blow the roof off this thing, to carry on the concert metaphor while embedding it in a metaphor about unstable structures. Let’s get OSHA-noncompliant.

In other news: This Wednesday’s planned wacky video game stream’s cancelled due to Twitch.TV going down for a few hours, and I’ll continue to be providing blog content every Sunday, even if City of Angles itself won’t resume until at least April.

Also, if you haven’t already, it’d help if you filled out this survery about vol//002. It’ll help me pick what stories to write!




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