coa//008 rallies the troops

10 02 2013

New readers — welcome! This blog is where I set up feedback threads for the latest draft story in progress. Right now I’m up to story #8. You should probably start at story #1, though.

Current readers — It’s getting serious now, as we fall headfirst into the climax of volume//001. This is the finale of the upcoming Kickstarter’d book. Time for a few revelations and a gathering of our protagonists.

All told, I’ve compressed three weeks of normal updates into two weeks here. That’s just how the scenes happened to break out, but it does mean I have no buffer of prewritten story for next week. I MIGHT end up skipping a week; unsure. We shall see.

Regardless, the Kickstarter is on schedule for launching at the start of March. Get ready.

How’s 008 for ya so far? Anything unclear? Anything you need explained? Everything paced out well? Anything you feel is missing? I can make revisions at this stage.




6 responses

11 02 2013

combination of chauffer and interrogator

Karla Berkowitz and Johnny the Maitre’d
Maitre d’ (yes, the apostrophe is after the d)

If it’s a non-euclidian path

Wouldn’t Kelsey recognize Penelope as sharing the same face as Bedlam? Have they never actually seen each other before?

11 02 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Hm, good point. Generally folks don’t make the connection because Bedlam is visually distorted most of the time but I suspect Kelsey would recognize. I’ll figure out a way to work that into the scene.

(One possibility is Bedlam already warned her that Dave’s little friend looks like her. I suspect she’d do that, to keep Kelsey from being caught by surprise should Penelope come a-knockin’. But either way I’ll need to note it.)

11 02 2013

Close… should be non-Euclidean

12 02 2013
Jeremy Jinkerson

Don’t think I’ve brought this up yet, but I’ve always considered Avenged Sevenfold’s “The Beast and the Harlot” to be the theme song of the City of Angles.

13 02 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’d agree but I heard that song 85,145 times since I played Rock Band 2 online and now I never want to hear it again.

The unofficial soundtrack is definitely “Neck of the Woods” by the Silversun Pickups. I was listening to that album on repeat during much of the early writing; The Pit is particularly applicable.

13 02 2013

TBatH is RB3. And GH2.

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