the stars have fallen (finally)

11 01 2013

Settle in, folks, I’ve got a few huge announcements for ya.

THE ANACHRONAUTS: STARS FALL BOOK IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. For real, this time. I posted it a few days ago but had to pull it down again due to some errors — errors which have now been fixed. The book is now as perfect as I’m gonna be able to make it.

It’s ready for purchase in paperback form ($17), Kindle eBook form ($10) or donation based bonus story only form ($10). In addition, London’s Fog has gone on sale; you can get the LF Paperback ($13) or the LF Kindle ($5).

ANACHRONAUTS: THE SECOND AGE will be released in Kindle format in the near future. There’s no bonus content or real cover art so a paperback version isn’t really feasible right now, but I wanted to get something out there so digital owners can complete their “collection.” Lawrence Chu has volunteered formatting duties to make this happen and when you see the magic he has wrought with the Stars Fall eBook, you will be pleased. I MIGHT release the paperback version at a later date if there’s demand, but I don’t really sell enough of these to justify it at this point.

THE CITY OF ANGLES KICKSTARTER will likely launch in March. The details are still in flux, but the idea is to fund the cover art, professional copyediting, and publishing fees. Reward tiers will include the eBook, VIP membership, and the paper book — but I’m open to suggestions for other things you’d enjoy getting as tier rewards. Speak now or forever hold your peace. Srsly. Without your guidance I’m just gonna slap together what I think works, and it may not be what you crave.

UNREAL ESTATE MAY VERY WELL SEE PUBLICATION. I’m making it a stretch goal for the City of Angles Kickstarter — if CoA gets overfunded I can put the money towards copyediting and publishing for UE. I won’t be able to offer the book as a reward tier but the money will at least make the previously-impossible into the possible. If you’re interested in a paperback version of UE… you’re gonna want to start kicking when the time comes.




18 responses

11 01 2013

Put me down as interested in a Second Age paperback if such a thing were to exist at some point in the future. Heading off to buy Stars Fall now!

12 01 2013

I’d be interested in both a Second Age paperback and Unreal Estate. In fact, I was just re-reading the latter. (You want some editing help? I could help with that one!)

12 01 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The plan is to make copyediting (courtesy of Chu) and publication fees part of the stretch goals for the Kickstarter. Of course if they don’t get reached I can do another Kickstarter for it some other day.

The SA paperback would be about as long/expensive as Stars Fall, but the overall sales for the series are too low to justify it at this point. It’s not hella expensive but it does cost and I would need a reasonable cover for a full blown release. If having Stars Fall up there and getting a related Kickstarter out ramps things up I’ll look into it again.

15 01 2013

Count me in among the people who would be interested in a Second Age paperback if such a thing were to ever exist, and will almost certainly be throwing money at you for the City of Angles KS.

12 01 2013

Nice to see there’s at least some hope for paperbacks for both Second Age and Unreal Estate. As small as it sounds right now, it’s nice to know they’re not quite out of the question yet. ^_^

12 01 2013


Picked up the LF kindle book this morning … reading through it I’ve noticed one or two (minor!) grammatical errors that I’ve highlighted as I’ve gone along. Once I get to the end of the book, what’s the best way to pass them onto you? Nothing big so far, but I guessed you might want to know…

12 01 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Just drop me an email ( I’m planning to re-issue the Kindle books in the future with improved formatting, and possibly re-issue the paper versions too, so I can roll those changes in with them.

13 01 2013

If you don’t mind, would you pass them to me as well? As the copyeditor I’d like to see what I missed. I’m already aware of a few inconsistencies (“Ur-Felrial” in the bonus chapter and one misspelling of Nel’s last name) and a minor formatting error that causes the text to be smaller than it should be by one size but I thought things were pretty sound grammatically.

13 01 2013
14 01 2013

3…2…1 bought, tha<nk you very much :)

14 01 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Welcome! Enjoy. :D

16 01 2013

Thanks for the info and the plans to re-issue the Kindle editions with improved formatting. I’m planning on getting the Kindle version of the series all in one go, so that’ll be a boon.

16 01 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The Kindle remastery is all the work of loopychew; he’s figured out the ebook format better than I have and is taking it on himself to reformat the books.

17 01 2013

Any re-issues will actually be updates to the current book; you can buy the book now and will have the ability to update to the new version at no extra cost to you. If you picked up Stars Fall on release day as I did, it was based off an older version of the book without chapter stops and such; after firing off a modified version to 2f, I contacted Amazon to get my copy updated and they provided me with a basic how-to to update books (they don’t do it automatically because they’re worried about potential notes and highlights you may have in your copy):

1. On Amazon’s site, go to “Manage your Kindle”
2. If the book has been updated, it should show “Update available” by the title in your Kindle library
3. Moving your mouse over the “update available” text should present you an option to update the copy; just click on that option.

All else fails, you can do what I did and, well, contact Amazon support. (This is why I can’t tell you the steps from experience; I haven’t experienced it yet.) Feel free to buy now!

18 01 2013

The hardcopy book arrived today. The content is absorbing.

Unfortunately, the production quality is lousy. Many of the pages have a white streak (no ink) right down the middle so you have to guess what the word or words that should be there would be. Other pages have too much ink, making the letters bleed. Not inappropriate for some sections, I know, but still.

But it’s still not enough to keep me from reading it! I thought you might like to know, though there’s probably nothing to be done about it.

19 01 2013
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Ack. I’d take it up with CreateSpace’s customer support. The copy I got didn’t have that issue — maybe they’ll replace it for you.

Generally CreateSpace works pretty well. Kris Straub just shifted over to using it for large print runs. But, undoubtedly sometimes it flops.

23 01 2013

Yes, this looks like the kind of error you get just before the press demands more ink, or cleaning, or something. So I’m not surprised it’s only in one copy that we know of.

25 01 2013
Selphie Trabia

I WANT UE TO BE PUBLISHED. But I’m not sure how it will work without being able to print it in colour. T_T

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