coa//005 moves along home

11 11 2012

That may be too obscure of a reference, but hey. Have a story link all the same.

Decided to get the finale of 005 up a day early, because I’ve been sitting on it for about a week. So, here ya go.

Outlining on 006 goes reasonably well. I THINK I’ve worked out the kinks although there are a few “I’ll find a way to make that work when I get there” moments. Once again, this is going to be a highly serial story… when I set out to start CoA I was expecting to largely do standalones with the OCCASIONAL serial story, but, well, failed miserably at that. I have a bad feeling that like anachronauts, this series will be impossible to read unless you start at page one and plow through, meaning as time goes on I lose readers. Crossing fingers, anyway.

With this wrapping up 005 in a neat-if-scary little bow, we’re all done here. What’d you think? How’d it work for ya? Where do you think it goes from here? Etc. Love to hear your thoughts. I’d give you a Penny for ’em but I kinda need her for the next few stories.




8 responses

11 11 2012
Jeremy Jinkerson

Basically, “finally.” This is the stuff I’ve been waiting for since the end of the first episode. And I think the payout is worth more because of the mundane.

11 11 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Hopefully everything between then and now was fun to read, too. ^^;

Way I’ve got 006 planned, we’ll have some craziness right from the start, and tons of uberplot after. I’ve given up trying to make the stories standalones at this point and am digging in hard on that stuff. (Although 007 may have some character development prioritized ahead of uberplot.)

12 11 2012

Not too obscure for me. :)

Hoo. That’s quite a thing to drop. A couple of things, actually.
(And I do like how “the toyman” was dealt with.)

12 11 2012

Well, now the surreal dream Dave was having in coa//002 makes more sense.

Still loving it and curious to see where it goes. This revelation was something you had planned for this chapter even before you went with the toy store, right? Was it something you were considering doing even when Penelope was an older character?

Will get to typos later.

12 11 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Actually, no. I was going to keep this one back for Heart of the City, but that story has a PILE of other revelations — it’s better to drop this one ahead of time. Plus, it’ll completely mislead people! Awesome!

Even when Penelope was going to be 23 years old, then bumped back to 16, until finally 13… this was going to be how it worked. I was saying Penelope at 23 didn’t feel right — this was one reason why it didn’t. Bedlam as a child is far more appropriate than Bedlam as an adult. It’s also more appropriate for reasons you’ll see later.

15 11 2012

That was good! I’m always a bit behind, so I have not commented before. First, good character development all around. Also, the store was scary and fun. I liked the conflict at the end and how it was resolved. First, Greg was probably wrong to cut his daughter out. But it was also interesting that, once the shared information, it turned out that each had pieces that helped them see the bigger pictire, once put together.

16 11 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

That was really the only way I figured it could work — there had to be a disadvantage to keeping Penelope out of things, in the form of losing what insight and knowledge she could bring in. Her findings were part of that.

There’s an ongoing theme in all of City of Angles and anachronauts for that matter of strength being found when people pull together, instead of selfishly pursuing their own goals at the expense of others. IE, stand together or fall apart. Same holds true for families.

25 11 2012
Selphie Trabia

The suspense and tension in the calming scene was just right. I liked how her foot was flickering for a bit there.

I get the feeling that almost picassing (picassoing?) or touching a picasso automatically makes ones feelings of worthlessness/despair expand… Kind of like how severe clinical depression can make you only think sad thoughts or skew your happy thoughts to sad ones.

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