city of angles halloween special

31 10 2012

A creaking door. A cackling laugh. Look out! Behind you! No, behind you! OH NO IT IS A DRACULA and now all your blood is gone.

In sympathy for your exsanguinative plight, may I offer you a special Halloween flavored City of Angles story?

It’s for VIP Club Members, of course. If you’re not one of those, you should join the club and reap the benefits. Reap. Like you do with a scythe. Ahaaahahahahaa

Read. Enjoy. Just whatever you do, don’t look in a mirror and say my name three times. Because if you do, it will summon me forth, and I am SO making you pay for an airline ticket back home because I mean seriously, what a drag.




6 responses

31 10 2012

That was great! I love the… hmm how do I say this without spoilerizing. I love how different this character is from certain others, yet ultimately not.

31 10 2012
Jeremy Jinkerson

Awesome. Thanks for the surprise.

“…like me.” That’s encouraging.

1 11 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The VIP stories have little tidbits and previews of what’s going on — ways to get early hints at the overall shape of things. Deeply exploring the lore and making connections.

1 11 2012

O/~Ya gotta have HAAAAAAAART! O/~

That was just scary enough. I like the idea of a certain type of person retaining a central identity.

1 11 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

A stable and central identity, yah, which makes it creepier by far. I was a bit concerned I wasn’t depicting the unordered thoughts typically associated with a Picasso very well — they’re supposed to be stuck in a fevered nightmarish dream state. But I suppose not every one is the same, and it’s clear this story is operating on a meta-level above that.

4 11 2012
Selphie Trabia

But I want to kidnap you and make you ghostwrite for me forever…. MWAHAHAHAHA.. *Ahem*

That being said. I felt the story was a little predictable, but otherwise okay.

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