coa//004 notes does not provide actual monsters

9 09 2012

Head hunting, job hunting, just as long as there’s hunting and sometimes heads.

Leaking an hour early! omg.

The misadventure of Cass continues, as she loses one job and picks up another. This doubles the length of the story, so I guess any worries I had about running out of buffer and being distracted by other things were for naught. This is looking like it’ll be a long one; I JUST got act 1 finished and everything set up. Weird.

A couple notes…

1. PW ads have been removed. I got delisted because I don’t get enough page views. It’s not a great loss since I made 12 cents total off the ads, but it is a little worrying that my stories are essentially in a dusty corner of cobwwwebs.

2. I’m pondering a Kickstarter for the book artwork of City of Angles Volume//01. The artwork is what’s keeping Stars Fall from being released (I swear this will be out soon, my sister has been having a hell of a time RL lately) so I’m going to raise money to contract Allison to do the cover this time around.

Possible stretch goals include more character art or new poses for existing characters, a slush fund for advertising, and MAYBE editing up Sailor Nothing or Unreal Estate for a book release. No promises, just seems like the kind of thing that might drum up support.

Or I won’t raise dollar one and the whole thing crash and burns, I suppose.

3. The next story up, coa//005, is designed to be a COMPLETE standalone… an interesting situation with an aspect of the city we haven’t looked deeply at yet (repeating rooms) but with a new character who likely won’t appear again. I’m debating though if I wanna push that one off in favor of the next volume of the Wei Sisters Chronicles (originally coa//006). What do you think? New ground or a return trip? We’ll get both eventually.

Curious to hear your thoughts on these things and on the story itself. You can leave feedback anonymously below, no account needed.




10 responses

10 09 2012
Jeremy Jinkerson

Go ahead and do repeating rooms.

Also, you’ll have at least one person posting on your Kickstarter.

10 09 2012
Jeremy Jinkerson

Also, this was an excellent read. I’m taken with Cass’s existential crisis between choosing the mundane or the weird, but she also doesn’t seem to have a choice in the matter. I also appreciate that this mundane is somehow sending her towards greatness …or catastrophe.

10 09 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The universe rarely lets you decide your level of incident. It’s a tough lesson, but there is a way through.

I’m still debating the ordering of the next few scenes (picking up the bears, which deliveries and in what order, when she gets lunch). Hoping to get on that this week. I need a smooth pastiche of the mundane and the surreal.

10 09 2012

I’m woefully behind on commenting, though not reading. I like Cass so far, and want to see how this delivery thing pans out, as I am intrigued by the setup.

The path to Lucidity doesn’t sound like much fun, though.

Between a new story and revisiting old characters, I’m more inclined towards the new story. I love the Wei Sisters, but I think it’d be a better balance to have more new material before revisiting them.

Also, I am good at the Kickstarter pledging thing!

10 09 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I look forward to you kicking the hell out of my starter. :D

It’s looking like I’ll go with the standalone story. I’m working out the kinks in the plot now.

12 09 2012
Jeremy Jinkerson

Only thing better than those books in hard copy would be getting to read an I Am Ikon story again.

12 09 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

That project kinda spun out of control. There were two huge issues — one, the open source nature plus godlike powers meant tons of Mary Sues and little recourse over it. Two, the plot direction I had planned out was a bit too squicky (once the immediate saga with Death ended there was gonna be a world shifting takeover by the Ikon of Slavery). I just wasn’t feeling it at all eventually and decided to move on to something I could get into. At this point there’s no way I can re-open that setting, I’m not “there” anymore. Sorry.

13 09 2012
Esa Karjalainen

Will a box set/omnibus of the complete Anachronauts be eventually available? I have some interest towards such, in a dead tree format.

13 09 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’m using Amazon’s createspace publish on demand system, so box sets aren’t an option, unfortunately. And an omnibus would be too many pages. But, once Stars Fall is up, you’ll be able to put all four books side by side for awesome times!

15 09 2012

Looking forward to the final publication of Stars Fall, thanks for the update.

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