paper, y’know, for walls and stuff

16 08 2012

New addition to the City of Angles Media Gallery! It’s Wallpaper Pack #1, featuring Peoples What You’ve Reads Abouts posing on backdrops in ways you can stick icons on top of and stuff. There’s also Peoples For Your Phone When Your Phone’s Not Being Phoned With.

It’s a rather beefy 9 meg download, so rather than blow all my bandwidth, we’re gonna play a game. It’s called “Get awesome wallpaper for participating in the CoA community” and it’s actually extremely easy to win. All you have to do is post in three different feedback threads in this blog, then send me an email. I’ll forward the pack along to you.

That’s it! Simple and easy and your feedback helps my writing process considerably.


  1. The promotion starts with the finale of coa//003, going up on Monday.
  2. You can still post anonymously; your email address is only visible to me.
  3. I seriously doubt anybody’s gonna defraud me for colorful JPEGs, so there isn’t a need for a rule 3.

Coming up on the horizon for City of Angles…

  • Artwork of Hollister Avenue! Everybody’s favorite dude of dudes.
  • Wallpaper Pack #2, aka “The One What’s Got Dudes In”!
  • The stunning conclusion of coa//003! I mean, I hope you’re stunned a little.
  • Another VIP story, exploring what it’s like to BE a Picasso. If you aren’t already a subscriber, consider joining up!

Stay tuned. …which is a highly anachronistic phrase, if you think about it, since you haven’t needed to “tune” a television in a long time thanks to the widespread propagation of cable television and digital channels. Man, I’m old.




2 responses

19 08 2012

Speaking of anachronisms, any updates on finalizing the Anachronauts books?

19 08 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yeah. Apologies for the delay there; the bonus chapter is written, but the book cover design isn’t finished and I need to rotate the spell words in the document. Once we get that done I can get it released. Thanks for your patience.

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