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12 07 2012

News and tidbits for fans in the know to know! This project is HOT right now.

Early Bird Special Closed: As noted, the ESB for the VIP is now DOA. However, the VIP Club is still open for paying members! For less than the cost of a single ticket to the movies you can have access to any current and future VIP content. Get in early and avoid the rush, because there IS a hard limit of 500 members! (Not that I expect to ever get there, but who knows?)

Website Redesign: I’ve very slightly redesigned the website! Some brick patterns with warmer colors, randomized character art in the upper right, things like that. Trying to introduce a little color without it being too jarring. Speaking of which…

Character Art: Please welcome Gregory Yates, as drawn by our official character artist, Allison Barraza! She’s going to be working on artwork for Penelope, Dave, Marcy, and later on Vivi and Cass. (All people you’ll be getting to know soon.)

You can view her DeviantArt Gallery here. I browsed dozens and dozens of for-hire artists, but her style really matched what I wanted… a western style, but expressive and personable without dipping too hard into comic book fantasy. I’ve seen sketches for the other characters and believe me, you are gonna dig ’em.

As always, I also welcome fanart submissions! Whatever interpretation you have of the characters is fair game. Come one, come all!

Advertising: I’m looking into Project Wonderful ads for the series — it seems to be a grassroots effort by various webcomics and blogs and other creative folks to spread the good word about their projects. I likely won’t put ads on my site, I don’t get enough hits to make that worthwhile, but maybe you’ll see CoA ads elsewhere!

Posting Feedback on VIP Stories: Some folks asked me how to handle providing feedback for the VIP stories. There’s no way to make a password protected part of the blog, so I don’t mind posts right here, even if it’s about commercial stories. All I ask is you not completely spoil the plot, particularly the ending — talk in nonspecifics and you’ll be A-OK. If you’d like to talk specifics, you can always email me directly, or message me on Facebook or Twitter.

Feedback for VIP is just as important as other feedback! It helps me shape the stories to what you, the dedicated reader want to see most. I also welcome suggestions for things you’d like me to write about RE: the universe!

coa//002: It’s coming! I made one little tweak to the plot (placing it in a motel instead of a hotel) and believe it or not that got my juices flowin’. Keep an eye out! I don’t have a regular schedule for updates yet, but will be starting one soon, I believe. Stay tuned!




3 responses

13 07 2012

I like the brick patterns. Will you be changing the other pages to match?

Also, the link associated with the name “Gregory Yates” is incorrect. The thumbnail takes you to the correct full picture, but the other one is a carryover from Anachronauts, I believe. (There is no shame in copy/pasting website templates. It’s how I did a lot of mine.)

13 07 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Whoops. Thanks, I’ll fix that.

I’m not sure about sub-pages. I may leave it with the black dividers there, I might swap it for brick. I am considering character art for the corner which features one of the characters from that particular story, too.

19 07 2012

I find I am sizing up the newbies, trying to guess which one gets Picasso’d first.

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