vip early bird special closing soon

7 07 2012

The City of Angles Early Bird Special (aka “I don’t have to pay jack ’cause I’ve been your fan for a long time”) will be CLOSING on July 12th. If you haven’t applied yet, better get on that.

If you have any friends who haven’t gotten on board City of Angles yet, particularly old time fans of mine who loved my Ranma stuff or ImproFanfiction or Sailor Nothing or something, give ’em a poke and a link. They’ll thank you later. Possibly.

Afterwards, membership will cost US$7.00, which is about as much profit as I make off two book purchases. It’s my hope you’ll eventually have access to more than two books worth of bonus story content, using anachronauts books as examples. I’ve got a few stories already in the works — in fact I’m probably going to write one prior to writing //002: Orientation Day.

If this whets your appetite, I suspect an anachronauts character will be making an appearance. “HOW IS POSSIBLE?!” you may say. You’ll have to wait and see.

VIP members, if you’ve been a long time supporter of my work and want to  show your appreciation even though I’m giving you a free ride — I’ve got shiny anachronauts books you can own! I also take direct donations if you prefer. Alternatively, go donate to Child’s Play, which I support wholeheartedly.




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