i accidentally the whole website

18 06 2012

For your amusement and edification, I hereby present…

The City of Angles website. Ta-daaa.

Before you ask, this story-focused website does not in fact have a “story” on it yet. That’s a bit like a sandwich with tomato, lettuce, cheese, bread, and no meat — but it’s a very pretty incomplete sandwich, isn’t it? More importantly, it establishes the frame for me to hang my canvas on. (I am WORKING this metaphor, people. Look the hell out.)

The next steps are:

1. Setting up the VIP Club. My intention is that if you’re reading this blog now and you know what “anachronauts” means you will have free membership in this club, provided you get in while the gettin’s good. So, you’ll wanna keep track of this. After the early bird gets wormed, you’ll have to pay a small one-time fee to join. Still, there’ll be tons of free stories up there, so the cash-strapped will still have a dandy good time.

2. Write the first story. I’m probably going to do this before I write the Stars Fall bonus story for the book, since the stars need to align (ha!) before I could do anything with it, anyway. Final editor passes, cover artwork to design, etc. I need something to do meanwhile and the iron, it be HOT right now.

3. Commission some artwork. I want character art ASAP on this thing, and for that, I need a story to work from (so I get a better feel for who these people are) and an artist to work with. I’ll be scoping out the for-hire folks on DeviantArt, but if you have any suggestions, post me some links. Doesn’t have to be anime style; comic or realistic is fine. Just has to be quality stuff that tickles my fancy. (In advance, no offense if I don’t pick your favorite art dude.)

Watch this space, folks. Things are happening.




2 responses

19 06 2012

Looks nice. Will be looking forward to the stories, then. :)

19 06 2012

Myth has been posting art on her FB page again, so I’m presuming she’s up for commissions. Seeing as she was your go-to on SN and UE, she may be worth looking into again.

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