12 06 2012

Here’s my Situation Report.

The health issues which have been wrecking my ability to seriously get anything done for most of 2012 are coming to a bit of a head. I’ve had tests done and I’m seeing doctor(s) about condition(s).

I’m leaving this a bit vague because right now, well, it IS a bit vague. Sleep apnea may be lurking in the wings, but it’s not clear yet. (I am not soliciting for crazy home remedies for apnea, before you start suggesting pillows made of yak hair or drinking antifreeze or something.)

Personally, I’m getting pretty tired of this screwing up my life. The potential solutions to the vague problem are completely unpleasant but at this point, beggars can’t be choosers. And I have other things I need to attend to in my life. Such as…

sf05 needs final proofreading, and then the bonus chapter written, then the cover done. This is a task that really fell by the wayside in face of the Ongoing Annoyance and it’s something I want to get done soon. Hopefully, sf05 proofed this week, bonus chapter written next week (I hope).

I’m letting my brain slowly cook up the plan for the bonus chapter. Like all of anachronauts, it’ll be less about the epic action-packed fighty time showdown and more about out-thinking your opponents to avoid having any sort of fight in the first place — but it’ll explain and capstone off all the bonus story plot threads to date.

Once all that’s done and in the can and my Volunteer Editor Whom You All Should Be Kneeling To In Homage For His Tireless Put-up-with-ness of My Procrastination Lawrence Chu has a looksee, I can get the book released. As before, that’ll also signal London’s Fog going on sale, if you’ve put off buying it.

I’m laying the preproduction groundwork for the next story series. I don’t have a lot of concrete details to share with you, just potential details which may be subject to change…

Structurewise, we’re looking at an ongoing setting-based series (rather than a plot-powered series) similar to the Second Age stories or my old Future We’d Like to See stories. A portion of the stories (10/20%?) will be available for free on my website, a larger portion will be available to members of the Prereader’s Club (70/80%?), and a portion (10%) will be retail compilation edition only. They will generally be standalone, although characters may make return appearances and develop over time.

Membership in the Prereader’s Club, at least under my current plan, will be free for the initial month in which the project gets started IF you email to me applying for it and answer a few very simple questions which show you’ve read my earlier stories. If you’re reading this blog odds are you’ll have absolutely no problems there. After that month it’ll cost a very small one-time nominal fee to join.

As for the story itself, the world it’s set in… well, how’s this for stirring your speculation?

crawl the zag, roam the endless roads, make your own life, don't get picasso'd.More to come.




7 responses

12 06 2012

With such title, it is bound to have some rounding errors.
*flees very quickly, very far*

12 06 2012

I think it’s acute title. Doesn’t seem obtuse to me at all..

12 06 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I think that’s an equilateral assessment of the title.

12 06 2012

“There are eight million stories in the naked city…”

I’m kind of hoping one involves a giant robot, personally!

12 06 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Mmmmaybe. There’s all sorts of surreal oddness going on but this won’t be like anachronauts, where all sorts of insane-o cross genre artifacts can be pulled into play (faeries, steampunkers, robots, zombies, etc)

13 06 2012

The one thing 2f doesn’t realize is that I’m just as bad a procrastinator; it just so happens the procrastination tends to happen in sync. :-P

14 06 2012

Everbody’s got an angle. Mine’s 47.6 degrees.


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