sf04 final

18 05 2012

Yep, done. Proofread, spellchecked, et cetera.

Not much to say beyond that; I didn’t enact any serious changes, nothing worth note. I shuffled some words around to make a few sentences flow better. I did emphasize up front why Carrie didn’t eavesdrop on the people at the O’Dare farm (it was mentioned at the end of the scene, but redundancy can’t hurt there). Nothing major.

Still, it takes a full evening of work to proofread one of these chapters — and this was one of the shorter ones. The next one is considerably longer and will take more time. But after that, it’s bonus chapter time, and then the book. Keep your eyes peeled. … that is a terrifying mental image, isn’t it. Eye peeling. Shudder.




2 responses

19 05 2012

You remind me of the Mad Magazine of old, and its Horrifying Cliches. The images that stay in my mind are Getting a Case of the Sniffles (horrid little creatures!), and Getting Caught on the Horns of a Dilemma.

Editing is not fun, but it really shows in the final product.

21 05 2012


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