sf01 final (more or less)

30 01 2012

Slowly but surely I’m getting my house in order.

Final edits have been made to Stars Fall 01. I say “final” but really, it’s “final until Chu gets his hands on it.” My job right now is to do a complete read-through and change any wording I feel is awkward in hindsight, implement clarifications and corrections from your amazing feedback, and do a spellcheck prior to that. The finished product will be a book you can slap some monies down for.

In the case of sf01, not many changes were needed. I think the only semimajor thing was in the aftermath of what happens to #A076, mentioning that they couldn’t figure out where it went because they couldn’t get a lock-on without enough Aleph radiation. Since that becomes a major plot point later, I figured I’d introduce it now.

I kind of regret not using Puck. He showed up for two scenes and never appeared again; a plot coupon I didn’t end up needing to cash in. Still, anachronauts is filled with little world-building details that could be side stories in their own right. Just how it goes.

In other story news, I THINK I’ve finalized “postmortem” as the name of the new series. But individual books and chapters will have their own titles. Kind of like how the Dresden Files uses that as its overall series name, but each book is primarily named something else. That way I get a cake-and-eat-it-too scenario… I get to use the word that’s hooked me, but I avoid most major problems with duplicity.

I’m sketching out plot ideas and figuring out the characters now, in my spare time. Assuming nothing goes horribly wrong this’ll launch sometime this year. I’m gonna be counting on you — yes, you reading this blog post right now — to help me street-team this thing and get word out. I’m not the D-list Internet celebrity I once was thanks to my anime fanfic writing; I’ve dropped down to F or J by this point, so grassroots is a must. I thank you for your support!




4 responses

7 02 2012

Would be nice if you would flesh out the Hex Coda world and use that too.

10 02 2012
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I have the option of using the HeX coda stories, characters, and concepts in future projects — I hold copyright, after all — but I’m not doing it at this time. Thanks though!

10 02 2012
Jackkel Dragon

The idea of seeing more of the HeX coda setting is really cool (re-playing that module is what led me to this blog and your other projects). That said, I’m looking forward to this “Postmortem” story you’ve mentioned. Of course, I still need to catch up by reading anachronauts… which, considering it’s a multi-book series, will hopefully last longer than my reading of Sailer Nothing (4 days; I had nothing better to do at the time).

23 02 2012
No One Special

Hey~ So what I’m about to say has nothing to do with the post I’m commenting on… I just had no idea where else to put this or how to contact you, and I apologize for that. Anyway, a few months ago I read Sailor Nothing after hearing all the hype about it over on TVTropes. I just wanted to tell you that I thought it was wonderfully written, especially the rape chapter (sorry, I don’t remember what chapter number it was) but seriously, I loved how you were able to write about it so tactfully and non-ghrapically while still getting the point across, and the stream of conscious story telling was genius. Sorry I’m talking about something you wrote eleven years ago, but as an author myself, I think people need to give more feedback to authors they’ve enjoyed. I don’t know if anyone has ever mentioned this to you, but if you ever decided to make Sailor Nothing a print book- with a service like Lulu or something- I would DEFINITELY buy it. Call me old fashioned, but I love having physical copies of stories I enjoy. All you’d need to do is go through and give the story a good editing, and convert the scenes that use pixel art into plain text- if that makes sense. If you’re not interested in doing that, I understand, but I really would love to buy it. Thanks for listening to my ramblings!

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