sf05 is actually shooting guns now

15 12 2011

Oh yeah, this is kind of a war, isn’t it? Not all takedowns are easy.

No words of wisdom, kind of in a rush to post this because I timed it rather poorly. So. Enjoy! And stuff. And… yeah.




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15 12 2011

trenches in pure granite would stand up to Orbital style energy blasts


Now, she was coming down fast.

Dammit, I need to properly score out that Astro Gal theme. It was conceived with a shot like this in mind.

forcing her to adjust course every half second


Looking forward to tomorrow: Return of the King!

15 12 2011

Oh, Carrie. ;_; I’m pretty sure she and the baby are going to live through this, as I don’t think she’d be expecting and then get killed off, but I wonder how her recovery is going to go.

15 12 2011
Jen, Psycho Happy artist

Good question, particularly if the baby is directly affecting/sapping her powers. Since she’s aging, the kid must be taking at least some of her precious Kirby radiation. I wonder how old she’ll be by the time she gives birth? And hell, if she wants to go from “barely legal” to “18-ish”, she ought to follow the WHO recommendations and breastfeed for two years. ;)

I also wonder if Carrie’s direct intent to collect her Kirby radiation into her urine actually caused her to emit (lose?) more of herself into it than she normally would, through some subconscious extension of her powers.

The fact that it’s radiation with a presumed half-life and it’s also lost through excretion makes me wonder if eventually she will entirely lose her powers/immortality. But given the hundreds of years she was in Hawaii without any weakening, that’ll be a very distant future I’m sure.

Then again, maybe all of the above is based on a false premise… perhaps the Kirby radiation is naturally generated as a _result_ of her super-ness, or naturally collected and concentrated from some outside source (like Superman and the sun’s radiation). It is a superhero comic world she’s coming from, after all.

I love theorizing about stuff like this. XD

And yeah, Stefan can’t kill her off, noooo! He might disempower her further, though, now that her big role is done and she’s entering a new phase or two of her life.

15 12 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

She’s not gonna croak. This was mostly a means of

A) Showing that she CAN be hurt, and
B) That she’s WILLING to be hurt for a just cause.

Her story is generally “told” at this point, though. We know what her future holds — growing up, scholastics, motherhood, etc. Progress in her life instead of living at a standstill.

15 12 2011

All good things! I’m glad she gets to have them. And yeah, since it seems she can grow up a bit (physically, and she’s already on that path emotionally) then she’ll have a lot more options in her life. Good character arc overall.

15 12 2011

Stone Mountain! I can just see those rebel generals staring past the Archology. And when I grow up, I want to be Barbara O’Dare.
Carrie has gone from awesome-but-conventional to AWESOME. But I’d still rather be the Chief.

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