sf05 is fashionably late

12 12 2011

Oh, right. I was supposed to post this last night at midnight. My bad.

Here begins a series of updates, lasting all week. You can find the update schedule here. So tune in each day to see what happens next, all around the world of anachronauts… with the grand finale rolling in as your christmas present. You’ve been a good little boy and/or girl lately, haven’t you?

Today, Cairo. The easiest of the lot to take down, but it’s all uphill from here…




4 responses

12 12 2011
Jen, Psycho Happy artist

“freakish subhuman Suborbitals” — yep, I’m not too surprised that Proctor Yus is a proctor.
“They didn’t, of course.” — didn’t which? You sort of listed two possibilities. This could be misinterpreted as “didn’t continue their pathetic onslaught.”
first in command — hyphens
It’s very charitable of the Ascendancy to just sit there and let the mutants hammer on them instead of killing them all by default. I guess killing them would be a waste of valuable processable materials.
“harvest as much of them” — I like it that he uses “much” instead of “many” here. It might just be a grammar mistake but it really makes them sound like stuff instead of individuals. :D
Nice delivery, Penny. :D

I gotta say, I’m seriously psyched to read all these updates and people’s reactions as you go!

12 12 2011
Andrew Sacchetti

This scene provided another example of the Proctors’ sense of superiority, which can both fuel hateful bigotry and lead to blind spots and underestimating others…
I love the use of the screamers, and that fact that the screaming was never solved or explained to the audience.…creepy.
I like the way people from chapters past are beginning to be brought together.
By the way, Hot Fun. That is GREAT name for a drink!

12 12 2011


Very nice. Pity a few more of those fellows can’t be transported to a few other locales.

13 12 2011
Jen Gagne, Psycho Happy artist

I’m sure they’ll work out other solutions for other locales. :D

I’m not surprised they wanted to help, once someone was able to communicate with them. As I recall their ambassador was horrified about the destruction of Atlantis.

My suspicion is that even with telepathy, all the mutants could get across was “going to attack the Ascendancy” and then they all solemnly, silently filed aboard.

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