the age yet to come

9 12 2011


* File #0120: Shift signature speculations RE: seasonal energies
* File #0203: NanoSeattle data encryption and compression protocols
* Sample #23: Biological plasma and dried leaves, taken from subject [REDACTED]

Deploy Hounds to track offenders across multiple shifts. High priority allocation of resources due to potential heavy yield return on investment.

Subject: Eli Moonthistle / Termination Authorized / Antimagic protocols recommended.
Subject: Wendy Bonnechance / Termination Authorized / Anticelestial protocols recommended.
Subject: Jen Cooke / Acquisition Imperative, Termination NOT authorized / Antinanotechnology protocols recommended.

These little bastards made off with critical resources, and must be stopped. Based on what they stole from our tertiary stronghold, we have strong reason to suspect they are seeking the Faerie Crowns.

While obtaining of those resources remains a high priority, if these lost scions are successful, it would be a considerable threat to the House of Gears. They must not under any circumstances make contact. Intercept, terminate, terminate, and acquire respectively.

Digitally signed, Jacob Gearhaus IV.

ATTACHMENT: Related Resources




10 responses

9 12 2011

Now I want to know what happened from the beginning of [REDACTED]’s reign that has the Gearhaus clan still at least nominally running the House of Gears.

9 12 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Guess you’ll have to buy the Stars Fall book! :D

9 12 2011
Jen, Psycho Happy artist

Iiinteresting. Let’s see if I can highlight/interpret some interesting elements 2F gives us here without giving away bonus story stuff. (Buy them if you haven’t already folks! They’re neat!)

This is the first time I’ve noticed that L0TF has a zero in it, not a letter “oh”. Still, I bet it’s a designation for Lilith as Stefan mentioned in his previous post.

So these three yahoos — a witch (named Moonthistle no less), an angelic descendant (with Penny’s last name), and Jen Cooke (we know her!) apparently broke in and stole…
— Shift signature information about seasonal energy (like dimensional shift? And “seasonal energies” probably relates to elsewhere in the document where they suspect they’re seeking the Faerie Crowns.)
— Information about NanoSeattle — Jen must need this. Perhaps it will help her defend against their “Antinanotechnology protocols”.
— Leaves and blood (presumably from L0TF)

Interesting that they want everyone killed except Jen. Combined with the mention of their info on NanoSeattle, they must be Up To Something related to nanotech.

“They must not under any circumstances make contact” — contact with what… with the Crowns?

And considering they’re ordering executions… this sure makes the House of Gears / this Jacob dude sound like The Bad Guys. Oh Cammy, whatever happened to your progeny (or your future siblings’ progeny?) Jesse and Gilbert would not be happy.

9 12 2011
Jen, Psycho Happy artist

Hmm, actually I jumped to too many conclusions there — the blood and dried leaves could be from Lilith but there are two other candidates: Susie and Lady Summer. (that last seems pretty unlikely though… she didn’t seem to have blood.)

9 12 2011

It doesn’t say “blood”, it says “biological plasma.” While we think of blood == plasma, it could be something else. Because Lilith would not have had blood (in the human sense) either — she’s totally Fae. (And what would non-biological plasma be? The center of a star?)

Also, couldn’t it be August’s tissue and leaves?

10 12 2011

August doesn’t possess a seasonal crown, so he wouldn’t have leaves unless he were a Botanist.

10 12 2011
Jen Gagne, Psycho Happy artist

I assumed it was blood plasma since (as far as I know) there are only two types of biological plasma, blood and milk. And he did go out of his way to specify “biological”. But who knows. :D

And yeah, I don’t think August had a crown. I guess that peters out fast… Eli doesn’t either. (YET?!)

15 12 2011

One other thing that occurs to me is that we know that, ultimately, the House of Gears is unsuccessful in acquiring the Crowns of Summer and Winter, as their ultimate adventure back into Pandoran Earth as documented in a99 outright states that the crowns were long since burned out. While we don’t know if a99 takes place before or after Eli & Co.’s adventures, we basically know one of two things: 1. If it takes place beforehand, the Crowns are now gone and the House of Gears and potentially Team Thistles is going on a wild goose chase, or 2. If it takes place afterward, Eli & Co. ultimately do not manage to cleanse the House of Gears of its autumnal influence.

15 12 2011

Er, a00. You know what I mean.

15 12 2011
Jen, Psycho Happy artist


That story must take place beforehand or simultaneously, because if it was after, then the House of Gears wouldn’t be assuming in their analysis report 2F posted the other day that the anachro-nots are going after the Crowns. (and that is an assumption, I guess we don’t really know what they’re up to either.) (And I guess we don’t know the date of that analysis report either, maybe that was much earlier… nevermind, I guess we don’t know anything!)

It seems reasonable given 2f’s writing style to assume the last bonus story will either resolve or at least suggest a positive resolution for the House of Gears’ autumnal influence.

What I’m curious to see is how that autumnal influence is still around. I think the last we’ve heard about Spring was before Autumn’s ritual, and you would think she would have done something about the result. Then again, as I recall, she was pretty old and perhaps weakened, wheras you-know-who may have been strengthened by, uh, digestive experiences.

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