sf05 is setting up the pieces

13 11 2011

Remind me which way the horsey piece moves again.

Welcome to the beginning of the end. The last chapter. …okay, technically not, since the bonus story in the print version of Stars Fall will be the last chapter. But you know. The last chapter. I’ve completely ruined my dramatic intro. Let me start again.

Welcome to the beginning of the end. The last chapter. The entire cast is together now, on the same page, fighting for the same cause. We’ll see everybody in the Loads and Loads of Characters taking part in some way, big or small, and by the end sacrifices will be made. No betting pools, please, but your feedback is, as always, welcome.

It’s worth noting I’ve also started sketching out ideas for my next story series after anachronauts. I really, REALLY should force myself to take a vacation so I doubt it’ll start until next year, but… keep an eye on the blog, yo. This is where it goes down.




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13 11 2011

Liking what I see so far. It makes sense that it would take an angel to restore a soul.

My character killed himself. :-(

Lar spun to face to demon…

“to face the demon”

…and all the better for it, Lar though.

“…Lar thought.”

15 11 2011
Jen Gagne, Psycho Happy artist

Just realized I didn’t comment! Or it didn’t register? I read this right away…

Great job how you hit the ground running and build so much tension right from the start of this chapter. We have an absurdly short four-day deadline (why is it four days? I guess Emily prophetically knows and the Mister is the Mister?), various gathering forces, lots of fun ominousness. Ominosity?

And I LOVE the subtle recharacterization of Una as you use her as your detached observer in the QM sequence. Reminds me of River OOBEing in that Firefly ep where she wanders the ship.

15 11 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s four days because Lar issued the declaration that Atlanta is gonna kick out the #OccupyAtlanta type people in four days. Although I edited that section a few times, so it might’ve gotten lost in edits — let me know if I need to make a change.

The actual amount of time may be edited in a later draft posting. The point is to give our heroes juuuust enough time to put their plans in action, but not much.

16 11 2011
Jen Gagne, Psycho Happy artist

Oh. Duh. That’s right, Lar made that declaration first. But still, the Mister has some ominous foreknowledge there or… something… since he says “Four days. That’s how long you have left.”

So Emily says they have four days because that’s their deadline to basically save Atlanta. Once the Ascendancy starts in on Atlanta, things are going to melt down fast there.

I’m surprised with London so chaotic, they haven’t just wiped it out. I guess they still care a bit about their PR.

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