maximum charity overdrive

13 11 2011

It’s not writing related, but I really wanted to toot my own horn a bit here…

Tonight we held a six hour rally in Second Life through our fishing game, 7Seas, to raise money for Child’s Play. Any fishing bait or gear, any direct donations, and proceeds from a series of charity auctions all went into the bucket during that time.

End total: L$149555, which is the in-world currency. We donation-matched the first 130k. So, once you do the match, translating that into real-world currency…

We raised US$1118! And beat last year’s total!

Even in this crap economy and with a downturn in Second Life itself, our fishers really came through and made this happen. Amazing stuff.

I’ve got more SL stuff to do for the next few days, but next week I’ll be starting on Stars Fall 05. Be ready. The final chapter is about to be written.




2 responses

13 11 2011

Well done, to you and all the fishers.

16 12 2012
Johna Sabatino

i do always go out fishing, it is a great past time. ‘

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