the laziness report

2 10 2011

Okay. sa08, sa09, and sf00 are now proofed and final drafted and reposted.

Not a lot has changed; no major retcons, no changes which affect what you’ve already read. I removed a few minor logic and physics problems (there isn’t an air cushion in front of a speeding bus worth note) and tightened up word choice and flow in some places. Spellchecked. Implemented suggestions and added clarifications from blog feedback — your feedback is critical to the process.

That said, I think I need to get on with it rather than hang around and proof sf01, sf02, and sf03. I’ll save the stars fall series proofing for when I put the book together.

Next on the plate, sf04. I’ll start outlining it this week and might have something for you later on in the week.




One response

10 11 2011

The air currents threatened to unsettle and already tricky flight path — she accelerated with them, compensating.


So you just changed that one sentence, right? Just so I don’t have to go about re-copying and proofing the entire chapter.

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