Intervention Uber Alles

17 09 2011

Welcome, Intervention folks! My sister was at the con today passing out business cards and talking up anachronauts, along with our other online creative projects, so odds are a few folks looking at this blog post right now are newcomers. To them, I say: Hi. Hope you enjoy the stories.

I’m currently sick as a dog, grounded hard with a head cold. Uuagaugrghh. So, with that on top of the need to do some editorial and preplanning work, there won’t be new story content for awhile — but that means plenty of time to catch up with the current storylines, so you can get up to date and start reading drafts in progress, if you wanna. Good time to get sick, I suppose.

Donations of money or chicken soup or fanart are accepted. Leave them by the quarantine door seal. Decontamination procedures are in effect.




2 responses

19 09 2011

I have some reeeeeally good chicken soup, but we’re at noli-me-tangere status here as well. And the soup transfer app on my Droid seems to be malfunctioning. Oh well.

21 09 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Considering we haven’t mastered the art of sending files to each other ( ) I’m not entirely surprised we can’t send soup digitally yet.

This cold is really sucking. Now it’s migrated to sinus pressure and headaches. Thanks, cold!

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