sf03 is the choice of a new generation

5 09 2011

Honestly, kids these days…

One week of vacation following PAX and I’m finally writing again. I don’t know if I can keep to a Mon/Thurs regular update schedule — we’re into the most delicate and unplanned sections of the saga, now. The final chapters leading up to the endgame of the entire series.

I’ll do my best to keep you guys swimming in new scenes, but I’m revoking the schedule for now and just saying “once a week.” Sorry for the chaos, but I gotta go where the muse requires me. And when the muse allows me.

I’ve also got a lot going on RL with other hobbies, and as usual I’m trying to learn to allow myself to relax without feeling like I’m wasting valuable time. So, yeah. I’ll do what I can.

Still, to welcome you back, we’ve got a trifecta of awesome Camille scenes. A few questions are answered, things start heating up, and we launch into the final action scenes of the chapter. Will there be a massive explosion later? Possibly! You shall find out, in time.

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8 responses

5 09 2011
Jen Gagne, Psycho Happy artist

YAY new scenes. Hey man, we know sometimes it flows easier than other times.

— “independent contractor/demonic drug fiend” — heheh. I picture these two titles sliding in Burn Notice style.
— Okay, I really wish I could see Susie’s webcomic. XD Also, she should use it to send steganographic messages to her parents.
— “listen to their voice and their body” — nice way to put it.
— “totally evil and super evil and you-take-that-back, but…” — I like this guy.
— “pumped out of ovaries these days” — snrrrk!!
— “As you say, mother.” x2 = HUEG WARNING SIGN ZOMG
— “steam production plans” — plans?
— “sending a few barrels overseas” — ahahhh, I was wondering about that.
— “like a boss.” XD Oh man, I so hope that slang works for people who might not be familiar with it / in the future. It’s perfect here.

Great update. :D

Minor fixes: sought after (remove after), confectionaries (confections), cough up their souls (his soul? singular? or pluralize “men”), twenty six (hyphen?)

6 09 2011

– “As you say, mother.” x2 = HUEG WARNING SIGN ZOMG

Jesse picked up on it, too, but she thought she was mad, not scheming.

5 09 2011

Mmmm, tasty scenes…

I am not sure I really “buy” Camille. Don’t know what the problem is — perhaps that she doesn’t have (or show) enough of Gilbert?

6 09 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

There’ll be more of that (a keen analytical mind for puzzles) later on. She got her personality from Jesse, though, most certainly. I don’t think I can really mix too much of both parents into the personality; Gilbert’s carefree and flippant, Jesse is serious and confrontational.

6 09 2011

“My point is that… yes, the Ascendancy have managed to get their hands on immortal souls using some sick mix of science and magic. True, immortal, eternal, for-reals souls. The ones you read about in bible camp, or wiccan camp, or whatever camp you go to. And they’re eating those souls right up, obliviating them…”

Unless you turned into J. K. Rowling while everyone was looking the other way, “obliviate” isn’t a word. I think you meant “Obliterate”…

6 09 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I was thinking “oblivion” as a verb. He’s a demon, so he has a different lexicon from most. But, I guess obliterate works just as well.

8 09 2011
Jen, Psycho Happy artist

OTOH, he could be making a deliberate HP reference there since he’s talking to a kid witch. OTOOH, that book was a hecka-long time ago.

6 09 2011

“You’re grounded until you’re twenty six,” Gilbert declared.


Camille did not flinch or withdraw. Lady Camille held her ground.

Maybe you should use “Cammy” for added contrast.

If you do not have conviction, absolute convinction, you must withdraw. …are you ready for this?


I’m just trying to count the number of things in these scenes that will likely be used later on in this chapter. Cammy’s amulet seems to be an obvious item, as well as the fact that Gilbert’s camera can see past it. Jeeves is now abandoned on the Mermaid 1.0, the King (I still want to call him “Mother’s Little Helper”) is in play, and there’s probably more that I’m missing on.

Very interested in seeing what’s up next.

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