hello, I must be going

24 08 2011

If you’re here after poking the URL on the little cards I’m gonna be handing out at PAX… welcome! I hope you enjoy my free online genre-mashup adventure web novel insert more adjectives here fiction series production thing.

May I suggest you start from the introduction page? It’ll help you get an overview of what you just landed on.

If you’re a longtime reader, just wanted to let you know I’m at PAX this weekend, so there won’t be another story update until later next week. Not gonna be writing and posting while on the road. So, catch up a bit, or sit back and enjoy the beverage of your choice. We’ll be back up to speed soon.

(Side note – YAY! Verizon fixed my weird problem wherein I couldn’t load WordPress sites. I can actually see my blog again! Huzzah.)




2 responses

29 08 2011
Jack O'tears


Was that you at the “so you want to be a game writer” panel at 5:30 on Sunday? (in the NCsoft room, if it was, you talked extensively with the gentleman from City of Heroes?)

If it was, I feel like a jerk for not saying something, now. I would have loved to take you to dinner or a drink in thanks for all the great mods you’ve made over the years.

1 09 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yep, that was me! I appreciate the sentiment — I had to skedaddle to dinner with friends, anyway, but I’ll take a virtual raise of the wineglass any day. :)

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