sf02 levels with you

13 06 2011

Let’s get things out on the table and confess our sins over a cup of java.

Two scenes. I wanted to do more, but I was rushing to get this in; I’ve been busy poking at the London’s Fog book. The cover needs to be redone a bit and new edits keep popping up for grammar errors that didn’t get caught the first time. But mostly, I’ve been gaming, and trying to enjoy my life. Not sure I’m succeeding there. I’ll have to get back to you on that.

This update should answer a lot of questions for some of you, and confirm what you already suspected for others. A lot of it is redundant for folks who have been paying close attention and put the clues together, but I need to make sure everybody is along for the ride at this point — no reader left behind. After here, it’s all roller coaster ride insanity.

Feedback and reactions always welcome.




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13 06 2011

-“they had to melt down our video set just to safely deliver that message. the house may be monitored beyond simply keeping a spotter on us, for that matter…” is missing italics.
-I wonder if I’m the only one who’s been shipping Petersen and Elisa since sa06.
-That stuff tastes like cat urine. I like Maria already.

13 06 2011

“…the nanotech replica coffee house we indirectly live in” is one of the greatest phrases ever.
Maria doesn’t actually know about her own origins, does she? Otherwise, I think she’d be a lot more inclined to take her medicine, cat piss and all. A bit worrying, this.
The gang is back together at last, but oh, Scout. ;_; I’m not sure he was this badly off even in the beginning of the series.

13 06 2011

I could so see this as an anime, if it could be done right.
The dialogue explaining everything was good. It’s nice to get the review and interpretation. Good scene for that.

13 06 2011

— Nice approach to shake a tail.
— nessecary — necessary
— they had to melt down — shouldn’t that bit of dialog be italic like the rest of the whispering?
— passed out homeless — passed-out homeless
— I like it that the fae drink coffee, or at least have cafes. I wonder what a Winterhound’s regular would be. Wait, perhaps I don’t want to know. ;)
— I can see why Nel would do the doubletake to confirm the space is Bigger on the Inside, but I also like it that she’s not amazed by this or anything. Just confirming. She’s seen FaePlaces before after all. Una too, though it’s been a while.
— situaiton — situation
— Ah yes, Nel recognizes it. Good. (also good for any new readers… again, it’s been a while!)
— Interesting — I would guess kamalloy is right and Maria doesn’t realize what that medicine is really for. Assuming it’s to keep her zombie-descolada under control… BTW, I keep forgetting to mention this. For an interesting parallel-thinking-in-fiction exercise, read about descolada: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concepts_in_the_Ender%27s_Game_series#Descolada
— “They have relocated themselves to be in the presence of canines…?” — Oh Una, still such an Orbital. XD I would wager spending most of her time in a Fae-infused area like New Orleans has not done much to improve her idiomatic understanding.
— Ah, so that’s Gwen! I was wondering. Cool. :)
— In a voice far colder than she was considered capable of. – I’d say “usually considered”
— Another set of eyes he couldn’t meet. — Una’s? And why is it another?
— vynil — vinyl
— So we still don’t know what the Instamatic pics are all about. Presumably we will sooner or later.
— OOOH harsh Scout. But then again, I guess he would know if he needed it. Or perhaps it’s based on his assumption that he needs it.

13 06 2011

Oh, I see my descolada link doesn’t mention it — anyway, the infected have to take medicine daily to keep the descolada virus in remission. That’s a parallel too.

16 06 2011

Maria doesn’t actually know about her own origins, does she? Otherwise, I think she’d be a lot more inclined to take her medicine, cat piss and all. A bit worrying, this.
Particularly in light of the fact that she’s probably the last surviving Muerta.

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