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8 06 2011

I’m not sure what the post-television, fully-internet based equivalent of CNN is, but trust me, it’s rolling over and taking it just as much as Fox News is for the Ascendancy.

I had half of this written awhile back, but wanted to wait until I have sf02 more plotted out before posting it. I still don’t have a complete outline, so updates are still not back on hardline schedule, but I thought I’d offer up what I had so far anyway. Plus, I was inspired to write the post-titlecard scenes tonight, and wanted to get ’em all up together. And an hour early! Boffo!

Meanwhile, the London’s Fog book is going great. Edits are done; edits to the edits are done. Cover’s coming along. We’ll be having a big launch for this thing… Forsaken Shores going on sale (since it’s been a few months since it was posted) and the new book launching alongside. Plus, after all that’s done, I’ll be updating the Kindle versions of the other books to read better and fix some typos.

I’ve shown the London’s Fog bonus chapter to a select few prereaders. They were blown away by them. Seriously, like, blasted through a few walls, flying plaster and shrapnel everywhere. You’re really missing out if you don’t invest in the books — they tell a parallel story, you don’t NEED them to enjoy the series, but you’ll be enjoying it even more if you know the secrets being told in here. For instance, why did I put Unreal Estate in the timeline? You’ll see.

But let’s stay focused. This is Stars Fall 02. I can’t promise a timely followup with more scenes, there’s still a TON going on in my life right now, but I wanted to give y’all something in thanks for your patience. I look forward to your feedback and reactions.



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9 06 2011

Lar. SUCH a pig.
I love the little Mission: Impossible touch at the end.

9 06 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

“…Una, how expensive was that video set again?”
“…kinda, uh… very much a lot.”
“*sigh* Okay, let’s go save the world again. Maybe someone will give us a new television in thanks.”
(Not actual canon, but I was amus’d)

9 06 2011

Don’t forget to put link sf02 in the TOC, too.
Oh, Waller, you may become one of the more interesting and most likely tragic characters yet.
Also, I like how even Lar realizes exactly how much trouble the Mister-in-Motion can be, but the Devil that shows up in the first act…

9 06 2011

Also, are the Starbucks of the Second Age now actually CALLED the Quantum Mermaid (as Seattle still refers to it as Starbucks), or is this an Alex Gunthar-like projection specifically to Una and Nel’s TV? I mean, the “this TV will self-destruct in five seconds” was cute, but an obfuscating commercial would seem unnecessary. Considering it’s been referred to as if it were a ship up until now, it’s difficult to imagine it being both the ship’s name AND the shop’s name.
Unless there really is only one Quantum Mermaid that happens to look like Starbucks.

9 06 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s not actually called the Quantum Mermaid on the sign, but given the extensive use of it, I’m not comfortable referring to it as Starbucks. I’ve used brand names before for cultural callbacks, but never as a major plot device which extends through several stories. I don’t wanna get sued.
And yes, this was sent just to Una and Nel’s TV. I thought I made it clear when it turned itself on, and then destroyed the video set to erase any trace of the ‘private message’ but I’ll try to make it clearer in edits.

9 06 2011

It was very obviously a message pointed at Una and Nel; it just seems weird that a TV message broadcast specifically to them would be done in such an obtuse manner, given its fairly conspicuous nature (TV turns on by itself, then self-destructs; particularly the latter bit). What I meant was, were they repurposing an actual commercial and just hijacking its format for the message, or did they just generate it for the sake of being cutesy?
Also, in my head now, this one shop is called the Quantum Mermaid, and people write off its sudden appearance, then disappearance, as being shut down for trademark infringement.

9 06 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Gwen made it, so yeah, cutesy. It may make more sense in the followup scenes, when they actually get there.

9 06 2011

YAY more story!
— Change the title tag of the HTML to SF 02, not 01
— I like how backed-into-corner Waller is, and how obvious Lar makes that fact. It makes Waller a more well-rounded character. Also, his attitude about America is so telling.
— age old mutant enemy — hyphenate age-old
— Considering he mentions wanting the Emerald Tome right there in front of The Mister, I’m surprised The Mister doesn’t offer it to him. (then again, his powers don’t seem too attuned to object-acquisition, given his need to send Benny for the key…)
— twenty four frames — hyphenate twenty-four. This happens a lot, I notice… read up on when to hyphenate like this here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_compound#Hyphenated_compound_adjectives
— characature — caricature
— aAnd then — and then
— I guess it makes sense that the Earthbound Orbitals would consider the Ascendancy the new Orbital power structure.
— Evacuation is already underway. — Oh! It is? How’d they manage that? I guess the Ascendancy has moon-capable shuttles? (That’s new…)
— a and apparently — remove “a”
— face to face chat — face-to-face chat
— forseeable — foreseeable
— have already selected — has already selected
— liason — liaison
— Ascendnacy — Ascendancy
— self deception — self-deception
— The Ascendancy’s sort of anschluss of genocide over the past few days… I think it’s very believable that they’d be able to get away with it and that people would rationalize it away.
— mislabelled — mislabeled
— to get along just fine, you and I — should be “you and me”
— time honored, extensively tested — time-honored, extensively-tested
— Hmm, I know Una is still ‘whelmed with being fired, but after Nel’s impassioned speech about how her mother must be under mind control, it is a bit dickish of Una to not at least react to that. As it is she doesn’t so much as admit she even heard it. Also, all the Atlanteans are dead. o_o Hmm.
— Interesting that we still haven’t heard what the “minor” change to the enforcement structure for Eastusa is. Didn’t Lar say it would be part of the press conference? I can’t find it now though… Or perhaps the original point of the press conference was the end of the Braid and Federalists, and the Atlantean issue was tacked on. I’m just puzzling over what Waller wanted to rewrite.
— “we both know they are not murderers!” Wellll, heheh…

9 06 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Nel turned the TV off before he got to the part about implementing total social conversion programs into the prison system. It’ll be mentioned later.
As for the lunar evacuation, I decided not to make it a major plot point; they send a ship to rescue ’em, and nuff said. I will however point out how this relates to Anu later.

9 06 2011

as I already said via IM:
“I have altered the deal. Pray I don’t alter it any further.”

9 06 2011
9 06 2011

“they” being the Ascendancy? Because Kas spent years trying to work it out so presumably it’s the new arrivals whodunnit. Just saying the Ascendancy is already evacuating them would cover it.

10 06 2011

Considering that most old-school Earth media aimed at teenage girls is all about getting the boy of your dreams, it explains a lot about Una’s early relationship attempts.

10 06 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Got it in one. She didn’t exactly have fine role models to work with.

10 06 2011

I think it was clear that the TV was talking to Nel and Una only.

10 06 2011

Lar is one evil guy.
I like the frames per second comments regarding the Mister.
“That does not mean you are ‘fired,’ to use the local term. You are simply not required for anything whatsoever.” I’ll have to remember that one as a manager.
Ah, the Ascendancy: “We don’t just solve your problems; we KILL them!”
I really liked the total social conversion bit. Creeeeepy.
“Now is not the time for doubt, love. Now is the time to act.” Amen.
Good start to the chapter. Looking forward to more. :)

12 06 2011

What Kas was researching was a way to keep the Conduit open even when Anu was in the mirror-realm. Using shuttles back and forth wasn’t very viable for regular work, but for a one-off mission to rescue people stranded on the moon it’s perfectly viable.

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