sf01 deals with the remains of the day

23 05 2011

Lives are lost. Other lives go on. That’s how it works.

For the first time in like a year, I’m VERY far ahead in my writing. I have two more updates worth of story in the can and ready to be delivered, this coming Thursday and next Monday. I’ve got a serious passion to put digital pen to digital paper, and the story is just flowing. Of course, there will be lulls, as well… which is why having some buffer is handy.

This is going to be a bit of a crazy story. We’re upsetting the apple cart completely, and I haven’t even gotten to the peak of the insanity yet. This update is more of a prelude to insanity… dealing with the transition between the disaster at #A076, and the disaster yet to come. When we get there on Thursday, well…

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23 05 2011

Emily’s table shutting off makes me very nervous.
Also had to laugh at Emily-and-Jenga and “Benny the Bastard”.

23 05 2011

The strange thing is, if I’m understanding correctly, Sen and the Gatherers/Collectors/Archivists (which, as far as I can recall, have all been used at one point or another to describe his group) are getting these artifacts in anticipation of the stars falling, whereas the Conspirators are anticipating the stars rising.
My question is, phrases like “the stars will rise” and “when the stars fall” make it sound like the insignia of whatever this potentially prophesied, presumably military Orbital arcology should just be stars, and not *rising* stars; is this really what Gatherers and Conspirators alike have been building toward, or is this a feint? Doubtless this is important, but is it really the harbinger foretold?

23 05 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s a matter of perspective. When you’re in charge of a massive militarized society surging forward and conquering world after world, your star is on the rise. When you’re in charge of a secret movement to put a stop to an ancient conspiracy of genocidal madness, your enemies are fallen stars.

23 05 2011

— “to discuss what happened next.” — probably should be “happens” otherwise it sounds like something else might’ve happened meanwhile.
— “unlikliest” — unlikeliest”
— “”We can evacuate Arcology Luna #01 using the emergency Apollo-II shuttles, but they aren’t capable of a return trip.” — in that case they can’t really “evacuate” can they? They could get there, but not bring them back.
— “Even with Waller being a douchebag” — oh Emily, always so diplomatic. XD
— “Benny the Bastard” — that’s a new nick… hmm.
— nuuuu table-chan!!
— “the pedestrian form of transport” — it’s “pedestrian” compared to fancy mirror-porting, but you might want to use a different word here. For a minute I thought they’d ditched the taxi and started walking.
— “Vodka and puke was the way to go” — were the way
— “we brough her” +t for brought
— “God’s chosen people” — so China is monotheist now?…
— Russian rep WTF. o_o;; But awesome. Nice of them to uh, peacably participate! I’m impressed he can even go through the motions, rather than being at a standstill going AAAAAAA.
— “Transitional State of Florida” — hmm, interesting. What’s transitional about it? It’s still Fae land, right?
— Even though Emily’s right that Benny’s situation is better thanks to their relationship… he can’t go making non-profitable deals. England would just nullify the deal and replace him, eh?
— The stars rise! Eeee!!!

23 05 2011

I wonder if they’re deliberately embracing the symbology of the forewarning as a sort of fuck-you to the Gatherers. They clearly consider themselves in a position of power; they have an arcology parked over NY, whereas the Gatherers have what — storehouses?
And if this follows typical SF tropes, it’s not JUST one arcology parked over NY. Could this be the arrival/return of an entire Orbital fleet? (One is plenty to make a huge splash, though!)

23 05 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Florida, this is one of those world-builder background details that isn’t really important to any one specific story, but neat to have around. Florida has been applying to join Eastusa for a decade or so. Sort of a dual citizenship dealie.

24 05 2011

I found the “Benny the Bastard” thing revealing, considering he used to be a pretty close ally and now presumably not so much.

24 05 2011

Interesting. And the elves (who seem to be a majority in Florida) seem like the most “secular” of the fae compared to some of the stranger, more magical sorts (winter court especially.)
Between that and the impending industrialization of Fae agriculture… I wonder if long-term there would be more unification of Fae lands with Eastusa — with Eastusa being the secular infrastructure provider, and Emily being more of their traditional fairypope.
Of course, that would be a looong-term future. Which they apparently won’t be having, if Emily is right, heheh.

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