sf00 has one more question to ask

14 05 2011

Whoops. Almost had a major plot hole, there.

Namely: If it’s supposedly impossible to lock onto an empty or destroyed earth, how’d the Queen of Summer do it waaaay back when?

Answer provided in Kas’s notes.

Just a quickie update, as I work on Stars Fall outlines.



5 responses

14 05 2011

I had wondered about that, but I just figured “Magic, yadda yadda, they (the Queens) knew where they came from.”
So did the Old Ones, obviously. Which, I suppose, should make me wonder.

14 05 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Magic is pretty much the answer; it breaks rules. And yeah, they also knew where they came from.
The Old Ones may have been sent home, but they weren’t destroyed…

16 05 2011

Actually, that was one thing I wondered about the use of Pandora in FS — how exactly was it targeted? Does the one passing through the gate get to pick where it sends them? Was the destination explicitly written into the spell (knowledge our favorite English gentlemen would have received from his gaze into the madness of infinite knowledge who is the Key and the Gate)?
It’s all very interesting and relevant given the very Checkov’s Gun nature of the spell as it’s already been framed in SF00, especially given the way it was described in FS05.

16 05 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

I’ll go into it in more detail in SF, but Jesse wasn’t entirely sure how she targeted it. She just really, really wanted those bastards gone, and her Will made it so through the Word and the Way that Gilbert had decoded.

18 05 2011

Mountains gone for a scoop. Not very efficient.
I like the format of the first chapter, defining and explaining various roles and concepts, especially why we can’t just mine dead Earths.
Several hints that trouble is on the way. Good suspence.

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