i aint deade

13 05 2011

In case you don’t follow my Twitter:

Still working on Stars Fall stuff. It’s coming along well, though; last night I had a few breakthroughs on some seriously questionable plot turns.

I think I overextended myself with the Gatherers; finding ways to rein back in hundreds of all-powerful hyperweird artifacts in the hands of renegade Orbitals is, well, actually quite easy, but even a FEW of them could drastically change things. Fortunately, I have plans.

I’ve also figured out our mode of transport. Hint — there’s probably one less than five miles away from you right now. In some horrific cases, they’re less than a block away from each other, or right across the street from each other.




8 responses

13 05 2011

And they’ve ALWAYS been there. Haven’t they?

13 05 2011

…they’re teleporting through the post-Pandora equivalent of Starbucks, aren’t they?

13 05 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

The answer to that lies between yes and no.

14 05 2011

You, lady, are very, very clever. In case no one’s told you lately.

14 05 2011


15 05 2011

Waaaah! Someone beat me to saying Starbucks ;_;
At least I know I think the same as other weird people. My first instinct was “Starbucks!”

15 05 2011

The Siren (Melusine?) compels you.

15 05 2011

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