sa09 beat the guy at the end, he was hard

21 04 2011

I crack the whip, you play the game; you’re not gonna get the final boss tamed.

With this, we say goodbye to Carrie’s story of heroism, weirdness, and fluttery stomach feelings about cute boys. At a whopping 256k it’s the longest story in the entire anachronauts series, which I was not quite expecting when I set out to write it, but it’s exactly as long as it neeeds to be, so… hey.

Short ‘n sweet blogpost, because this is part of a two-post update. See this one too:
ye great editorial rampage of ’11 and steam indie game giveaway

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21 04 2011

Warning, spoilorz here
— Garfeild — i before e
— Nice, I like it that everything appears in the same place. :D
— Carrie’s superhearing is so specific to relevant events. I suspect on some level she’s got some variation of Spidey Sense when it comes to isolating relevance from noise. Although… also the emergency exit would alarm when used, eh?
— assailaint — assailant
— I like the anonymous sort of Carmen Sandiego entrance to O’Dare’s office. :D
— Yay makeouts. :D I know you wonder about the trend of getting everybody hooked up romantically but you always make it make sense. It never seems forced… it works.

21 04 2011

Astro Gal
That chapter about Astro Gal and her coping with her new environment is great! Though is was quite certain who the villain was the moment I read the bus-driver’s mad talking, as that person as the bad guy so perfectly fits to a super-hero story. Seems the world our heroine landed herself in isn’t quite that different at all from her homeworld. Just less spandex. I liked how thoughtful and considerate she is of all the consequences of her actions and how well-learned she became over the time and that is shows well in the story.
Una and Carrie are my favourite characters of anachronauts. Thanks!

21 04 2011

Okay, now that you’ve revealed how involved Carrie is with this cast (and now directly knows her connection to an Archivist), I’m having trouble not seeing her as at least a supporting character.
My mind has been working on a theme song all day. With any luck, I may actually be able to type it out at some point.

21 04 2011

“They called me Mr. Glass.”

21 04 2011

XD I loved that movie. Totally fine with how predictable it was, too, compared to some other movies/books where that really irritates me. Maybe it’s the genre, the whole sort of mythic-type theme and it therefore has to wrap up neatly.
Similarly I think it’s pretty obvious who the bad guy is in this chapter, but that’s not a weak point, it’s just how it’s gonna go down. It’s more about the whydunnit and how that affects the characters, rather than the whodunnit.

22 04 2011

I always did like the “They tried to stop my research but I tricked them!” meme.

22 04 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Astro Gal
To be fair, I doubt “404s” pop up very often in any one specific Eastusa city. Atlanta IS close to the Faerie Court and artifacts and magic tend to spill over, but most of Carrie’s hero work will be basic crime prevention rather than supervillainy.
I’m happy with how things turned out with Carrie. I was worried I wouldn’t get to explore the ideas I had when I first wrote her into sa08, since Stars Fall won’t give much time for slice-of-life. Getting this story done gives us a proper origin story.

22 04 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Yeah, given she LIVES with Una and Nel, I’m thinking she’ll have a major role of some stripe in Stars Fall. I haven’t gotten far enough in my planning to figure out what that IS, though. We’ll see.

22 04 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

(ask me how!)

22 04 2011

And I don’t care who knows it!

23 04 2011

Good wrap up, and fun. 
“You look like living death” Heh. Some in this world know what that looks.
I like that in carrie’s speech she asserts that she cannot do everything, and that she expects others to do their parts. Amen
Neat resolution with oblivion. Does that reverse everything? Including the friendship? Ah, guess not.
That’s a bad therapist!: “They called me Mr Glass!”
I like the three vs four artifact conversation.
Thanks once again!

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