sa09 is winning friends and influencing people

7 04 2011

Admittedly, it’s doing it alternatively through deep punching and deep thoughts.

Story updates this month have been a bit sporadic, and that may very well continue. I’ve just got too much going on RL right now, and not much inspiration for the writing. It’s just a phase, I assure you; I’ve had lulls before. We’ll ride it out together. This time around, at least, there’s two new scenes for you to enjoy in sa09.

LiveJournal is seriously annoying me. Apparently some douchebags are DDOSing it, which means during the day it’s inaccessible, which is bad for collecting feedback. I have years and years of entries here, I have a paid account, and I’m loathe to move… but I may have to consider it. I was going to wait until I switched to my next writing project, but if LJ can’t get its hacker enemies under control, I’m not going to have much choice.

Hopefully y’all will follow me there and continue to post. I’ve noticed most of my responses are from folks with actual LJ accounts, rather than Facebook or OpenID or anonymous or such. The blog accepts any and all replies, though, and any future blog will likewise welcome all comers. Don’t let lack of a local account stop ya.

For now, I’ll stick around, see how things go. Enjoy the story update. Hopefully more on Monday.




11 responses

7 04 2011

I wouldn’t say Dawson’s Creek; there wasn’t a single scene of a teenager staring angstily at a lake, with the sun setting behind them… or was that a different generic teen drama show? :)
Not much constructive to add, really. One down, three to go.

8 04 2011

“Quite intentional, actually. She had used a lighter punch than her best, since her best would probably shatter the thing into a huge cloud of high speed shrapnel, which be healthy for anyone in the area.”
Probably meant to read “unhealthy,” unless I’ve missed a new health craze.
Glad to see the both having to work at the idea of a relationship. I like the kids, but they need to get their issues sorted, too, or it’ll never work. /grin

8 04 2011

Considering the hackers in this case appear to be the Russian government, I wouldn’t put stock in LJ’s ability to deal with this… Maybe you can find a way to export entries and comments automagically somehow, archive them on the Web site?
— getting their sooner — there
— “what’s the situation, officer?” — should be Chief, eh?
— “made of jade” — they know this how? From analyzing the house’s crystals? Had a rockhound on staff? (it’s plausible. I’m just wonderign.)
— “which be healthy” — wouldn’t be
— I love her mom’s rationale for why you don’t always attack full-force.
— “Good buy beating” — good guy beating
— “she saw har” — hair
— “meaty fists” — meaty? Should be stony, eh?
— Hmm, interesting convo with Van at the end here. He says they’ve both been through hell lately… would he believe she has?

8 04 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Heh
Don’t forget the obligatory Matchbox 20 soundtrack.

9 04 2011

“Please go punch the monster” would be a great catchphrase.
I was wondering if you’d consider putting up a version of this for the main characters of the FS/LF/SA cast? Primarily FS/LF. I’ve been doing some sketching lately but I can’t shake the feeling of ‘you’re doing it wrooooong’.

9 04 2011

Good fight. I like the continuing cautionary thinking around physics and ethics, how what she is going will affect those around her.
I wonder what will happen to the comb?
Nice follow up with Van. I like their discussions regarding deciding what and who you want to be, and for what reasons. That can be a real challenge to some.
it will be interesting to see how she works out the difficulty involved in immortal/mortal relationships. I’m beginning to hear “Who Wants to Live Forever” in my head right now. :)

9 04 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Sure thing! I’ll modify the artwork notes with the next update.

9 04 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Carrie’s got one distinct disadvantage on the Highlander front — she can’t pass as an adult. So ANY relationship she has is going to rapidly fall into illegal territory.

10 04 2011

Have you seen “Let the Right One In”, Stef?

10 04 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

It’s in my Netflix instant queue.

10 04 2011

It’s remarkably beautiful and serene and weirdly sweet, for a horror movie. I think you’ll like it.

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