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14 03 2011

Don’t you forget about me.

I haven’t written genuine high school drama in a long time. I didn’t actually participate in much traditional afterschool special style high school drama, during my tenure; mostly I found it to be an annoying and frenetic experience, trying to cram in the work, while enjoying time with my friends. Carrie doesn’t get much benefit of the latter, and her classmates aren’t exactly pleasant, so she’s getting it with both barrels. But hey, superhero. Nothing can hurt her. Right?

We’re now in the Monday / Thursday update schedule. So, expect more wacky YA genre adventures midweek. Judging from the logs, more folks read on weekdays, so this should work out well.

Don’t forget, we’re having a sale on The First Age, with discounts on the print and digital versions. Exciting stuff, and it really completes the anachronauts experience. I’m going to be working on the London’s Fog book next… tentative plans call for the bonus story to continue the adventures of the Only Inn gang, from the Forsaken Shores bonus story. What’s that mean? You’ll have to read to find out.

So, how’s all this compare to your own high school adventures?




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14 03 2011

Yay high school
Yeah, most of the bullying tended to be confined to middle school for me. (I maintain that children between 7th and 8th grade should be kept isolated from each other and the rest of society for that reason.) I was lucky to go to a decent enough public high school: rich enough and far enough into the ‘burbs that there were no real gangs (at least not anymore, after the police cracked down on the skinheads), but not so rich that the achiever crowd had the cash for Ritalin or meth. The campus was big enough that the users and pushers had their own area, the gangbanger wannabes had their area, and the normal people pretty much had the run of campus.
Poor Carrie. Saving a guy who probably doesn’t want to be saved, and is probably going to take offense that you did; that’s gotta be a rough path. And, unlike in the Incredibles, this guy doesn’t look like he’s going to just take her to court.

14 03 2011

Gosh, I could hardly decide between my “slow ride” and “donuts-guns-dayschool” icons!
— An twelve — A twelve
— “She wouldn’t get to leave early if she really worked at it.” — at my school we actually DID get to leave whenever we finished our page. That was their incentive to make us bother doing it, I guess. But either way her logic here is sound.
— Maybe clarify more that Van Buren’s buddies aren’t there at the moment when he’s cheating off Carrie’s test? I was momentarily confused when Guido said they hadn’t been around in days.
— Nicely handled fight scene (nicely handled by Carrie, and also in the writing.)

14 03 2011

Being normal when you aren’t is really hard.

15 03 2011

the therapy session
I like the self-reminders to do things the way normal people do.
Good intro, showing that this girl has been traumatized.
Therapy session:
Boundaries already foggy, as therapist casually extends the time. It also CAN risky to PROMISE someone they will feel better, or be better. Some have been sued over that. Citing research and providing encouragement…that’s another thing. Pointing out progress made is good as well, which this therapist did.
“This is why Carrie liked Doc. Doc really cared about people.” Tricky. One of the arts of therapy, and parenting, etc., is setting clear boundaries while also conveying that you care.
I like the brief description of how she felt being analyzed and tested, something many can relate to. I like how she feels SEEN by the therapist.
The session itself seemed pretty much normal, except for the Relax O Tron, which I’m sure some would like to use now. In fact, I guess we do: drugs.
Nicely written.

15 03 2011

Hahaha! Stef’s worst nightmare. High school over and over and over again!
Interesting dilemma with the bullying. Also interesting that not being physically hurt does not mean you cannot be hurt emotionally, or increasingly distressed over the injustice of bullying and cheating and the occasional teacher who’d rather intimidate than teach.
Are any of the teachers a tribute to your own?
I like the fight. Can’t wait for the next update.

15 03 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: school
Nah, I never had someone as vindictive as Mrs. Wendell. As for Mr. Cash, I did know a history teacher, poor guy, very sad sack… he did his best to teach us and I just felt terrible for him, because he had a few very disruptive students that just made it impossible to get anything done. In general, NO ONE in the classroom showed him any respect, and I hated them for it. Like, I’m trying to learn here, you douchebags. He’s not a bad guy, so knock it off.
Most of my teachers were either neutral or very positive influences on me. But, I’m trying to show Carrie’s problem spots, so the bad gets highlighted.

15 03 2011

Have you considered it?
I, for one, would love to read updates on my kindle.
And Sailor Nothing on my kindle.
And Unreal Estate on my kindle.

15 03 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Monetizing.
Considered and available! You can buy anachronauts books right now in print or kindle form. I don’t sell drafts of chapters in progress but the finished books include retail only bonus chapters.
I might do SN or UE books at a future point. Right now I’m focused on this project.

15 03 2011
Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

Re: Yay high school
I think you may be surprised by Van Buren. It’s a nice shady gray area, stopping a bully from beating up another bully… but people are gray area, and Van’s someone I’m going to exploring quite a bit in the next update.
Even Guido could have some positive traits if he got past his smugness and need for control, given clearly he’s got some wit to him and skill at managing small groups. He could easily become someone’s dickish middle manager boss in the corporate world!

17 03 2011

Poor Carrie. This must be what Ralph Hinkley felt like, trying to be inconspicuous. Although, I must say, he often was in plain sight, and with no mask. .
NICE analysis of what running super fast might do to the area. It reminds me of your description of what zombies would be like after two hundred years. Thoughtful!
On that note, why was Superman not constantly covered in dead bugs and birds?
Oblivion and the story around that is really interesting. Also, interesting that, if YOU did the erasing, you remember, and feel the absence that nobody else does.
Good, engaging, and I like your appreciation of comics as well.

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