the first age now on sale

11 03 2011

As discussed in the previous blog post, now that Forsaken Shores is out and London’s Fog is on the way, it’s time to drop The First Age into “long tail” mode.

That means you can now get it at a discount! If you’ve been hesitant and/or impoverished, there’s never been a better time to find out what all the fuss is about.

“But I’ve already read those stories, like, a year and a half ago!” No, you read MOST of those stories. You haven’t read the bonus chapter, which delves deep into the mysteries of the anachronauts universe, showing its past, present, and future. Sure, you can get through the main adventures and have a jolly good time, but you can’t say you’ve explored every nook and cranny and made the “Ohhh, THAT’S who Proctor Hel was!” or “So THAT’S who Susie was named after!” or “Is that why Emily has Insight?” realizations.

Buy a copy of The First Age for:
$12 Printed on Deadtrees (25% Off!)
$5 Kindle Digital (50% Off!)
$5 Donation Gift (50% Off!)

If you’re a generous soul and feel the book is worth more than you’re buying it for, just drop me a PayPal Donation for a higher amount. I won’t say no to more monies.

And don’t forget (you likely haven’t, since I’ve been drilling it into your brainmeats for a week) that the Forsaken Shores book is also available, and also has a bonus story.

See you on Monday for more sa09.




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